The 10 Best FPS's this gen period

These days it seems that gamers have seen it and played it all before. However, there will always be those special gems that rise above the crowd and become instant must play classics. So without further adieu here are the top ten first person shooters this generation.

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Nate-Dog3009d ago

"Without a doubt Killzone 2 is the best FPS on the PS3 to date."

I'm sorry, but no. I'm playing through it now to try and get ready for KZ3 and some of the shooting is really poor. I can take my time and aim and try and pop bullets into enemies and nothing happens. I then free-shoot from terrible angles behind cover and I get the kill. The game looks stunning and so much fun but if the shooting is off in an FPS then the whole game is going to suffer.

Mista T3009d ago

I agree, basically everyone bought it cause "omg teh graphics"

Nate-Dog3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

@Paradise: Fair enough, to each their own, but do you honestly think KZ2 is the best FPS out there on the PS3?

FragGen3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Total Agreement KZ2 is probably my favorite single player FPS of all-time (#2 == COD4). People whine about the guns because they are morons and can't shoot. The main p"problem" with the KZ2 guns is that they feel way more realistic to me than the laser guns in COD/BFBC2 or anything else and most lazyboy FPS Rambos can't handle it.

On top of that the multi-player is WAY underrated. I have about forty games for my PS3 and I'd say KZ2 is hovering in the top 3.

It's almost a shame the graphics are so astonishing because it's kept people from recognizing that there is even more to love about that game.

Pennywise3009d ago

I like KZ2. I also like Resistance 2... but MY fav is MAG by far.

Megaton3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

I have yet to try MAG, but I've got a friend who bought that game and a PS3 in January, and he's pretty much played nothing but that ever since. He wasn't even a huge FPS fan to begin with.

FragGen3009d ago

MAG sucks dog balls. They're basically rewriting it because it's failing so hard. The player base fell apart at an astonishing rate and as a "massive" multiuplayer only game with not enough players to sustain the ginormous modes (256 player), it has become a total trainwreck.

Zipper is doing a "beta" of the new version of it next week (beta free with retail game purchase LOL) to try to reboot the thing.

As someone who got it day one and has logged quite bit of time on it in its early days as a clan member, it's a mess.

Nykamari3009d ago

No you CODbabies cried about MAG! MAG is the BEST FPS OUT! Sit and learn the gameplay mechanics you'll see! This gen is full of players whom want everyhing eazy! Penny hit a brother up let's go hunting in MAG together psn: nykamari.

Mista T3009d ago Show
ipe3009d ago

u suck in kz2 mp, doesnt mean game is bad.

" omg i cant shoot, where the heck is auto aim, i want blitz l1,r1 killssssssssssss"

Mista T3009d ago

typical excuse, if a game is fun, it shouldn't matter you go 5-20 k/d or 20-5 k/d.

Timesplitters series is great example where fun factor is #1.

CBaoth3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

No secret Free Radical made TS, but now since they're under Crytek's umbrella, they've been handling the MP for C2. I've read several glowing previews of the MP portion too. Confined layouts like CoD's but vertical like UC2 lead to intense firefights and a good balance.

Megaton3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Madness. The multiplayer in KZ2 was a lot of fun. I get that a lot of the bitching and moaning comes from people who couldn't handle the different controls, but come on. That's on you. I love class-based multi in FPS, and I loved how game types were cycled mid-match in KZ2.

Even plain old body count at Radec Academy was a blast, win or lose. Watching each team storm the other's base, or clash halfway in the courtyard. Pure fun.

Mista T3009d ago

somebody marked me for trolling above, if you disagree with me, press the disagree button, don't cry so hard that you go far into right field and report for trolling.