EA rolls out quitter fix for Madden NFL 11

One of the biggest complaints from Madden fans since the game was released is the poor implementation of preventing quitting. In years prior players who quit received a loss and players who were quit on could either count the game or continue versus the CPU. However, EA’s online architecture was revamped to a one-to-one connection between players. While this offloaded bandwidth on EA servers, it caused a huge problem for the Madden online community: quitting with no repercussions.

However, EA has listened to the community and implemented a fix. Whether or not it meets your expectations though is questionable.

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BrutallyBlunt2978d ago

Why not just ban players completely if they reach 10? If you have that many disconnects then perhaps you should check your internet provider. I'm sorry but i'm tired of hearing excuses.

I have no patience and no tolerance for poor losers. Play against the computer if you want to be a jack-ass.

slimy the g8ter2978d ago

and i thought it was bad when whole teams quit in halo

AAACE52978d ago

I hate quitters! Even if i'm down 72-0, i'll still finish the game... unless the other guy is tired of beating me so then i'll accept it!

BrutallyBlunt2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I think most people want to win but the problem stems from those who want to win at all costs. They need to consider they are not playing alone when they play online. So why ruin their fun because you're not doing well?

It's just as bad in team based games. Oh no, they got the rocket launcher first so i'm going to sulk and throw my controller and turn the power off. Or these noobs don't know what they are doing so i'm going to quit because i'm so much better than them and my time is more important than theirs.

As I said, don't want to lose then don't play online.

Paradise Lost2977d ago

This should be applied to all their sports games.

Subzero200x2977d ago

Ea you sure are stupid why tell people what it does? now everyone will quit on halftime or at the 1st quarter......great

Darkspade2977d ago

I only play with my Friend but the LAst 3 games have dropped us in the 3rd Quarter hopefully this doesnt count