60 reasons to own a PSP: Part 10

Whoops. After E3, PSPFanboy accidentally left this poor feature behind. Now, they're back on track, with a few new reasons added for the newly redesigned PSP.

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Zhuk4061d ago

i'm a very happy PSP owner but not thanks to Sony and its stance against the great homebrew community that gives the PSP the potential it sorely needs

omansteveo4061d ago

Nothin against people with PSP' or the PSP it self for that matter but please stop approving these.

anonymousAJA4061d ago

That was a lame feature article

djt234061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

lol lol i am sorry i am psp owner and i download homebrew games
but come on
47. Built-in clock and calendar- that not a reason to own a psp
41. Free wireless internet from T-Mobile- to me it suck because only 6 months you get to use it. if you go anywhere you could use your ds
45. Analog nub - it horrible
6. Download, or convert your own videos- psp should be able to play vcd mpeg avi ogm and other format

i know people are going to disagree with me but if you own a psp you know what i am talk about.

Eclipticus4060d ago

hmm interesting i guess. I just recently got my psp back after having it used as a jukebox of sorts for poker night. But now I am thinking of getting the new one. Stupid me, is probably gonna buy both star wars. Cause Im a star wars nerd like that, and the daxter, cause damn for the price thats hella sh*t. a game, a console, a movie, a 1gb memory card.

as it is, the door on my current psp, doesnt really close.