Dead Rising: Case Zero Achievements Revealed

The prequel to Dead Rising 2 is coming to Xbox Live on August 31st and we now have the full achievement list of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

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user94732313040d ago

Microsoft/Crapcom announces a demo.
Charges for it.
Calls it a prequel.
Sheep buy it.

3040d ago
newhumanbreed3040d ago

Go ahead, laugh at me then.

ShadyDevil3040d ago

Too bad this will never be available to PS3. Urgh. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping Capcom

MightyMark4273040d ago

that game is most likely a timed exclusive.

GusBricker3040d ago

It's suppose to bridge Dead Rising to DR2.

But who knows.

Montoya3040d ago

It`ll be on the PS3 at somepoint. I`ve heard that DR1 is gonna be a PSN D/L shortly after DR2 releases.

GusBricker3040d ago

I think it's only 400 MS points.

sam22363040d ago

Fuck off. Was going to get it until I found out they're charging us to PLAY A FUCKING DEMO!

WetN00dle693040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Yeah last time i checked Demos dont grant you exclusive unlockables. Yeah thats right play the game and get unlocks not available to the other versions!

WetN00dle693040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

It might never happen!
This Arcade game is a thanks from Capcom to all of its 360 fans FOR making Dead Rising what it is today. But who knows right, you never know. IN other news SHANK is almost upon us!

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