Britxbox: Madden NFL 11 Review

Kieran Helps writes: "First off, let me just say that for once EA doesn't sound like a broken record when talking about Madden 11. EA stated new improvements, which normally has me raising my eyebrows straight away for the reason that an “improvement” to EA typically is as simple as opening a picture in Photoshop and messing with the hue a little bit. However I am pleasantly surprised to inform you that this year’s iteration, for the most part anyway, delivers.

Minor niggles aside, EA have done a superb job of updating Madden this year, it certainly feels more like you are playing a proper NFL game, and is an enjoyable experience which has not had me feel frustrated or want to stop playing midway through a game yet. The added additions improve the game where it matters, and also means that if there was ever a Madden game to start with, or you have been sitting on the fence, then Madden 11 is the game that will change it for you."

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