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Gaming Target | Atlus shows debut trailer for Catherine

Atlus has premiered the trailer for it's upcoming RPG, Catherine. It's being developed by the same guys who brought us Persona. It also looks like the game will have animated cut scenes created by the Japanese animation studio, 4°C. The game looks totally normal and has absolutely no sexual innuendo whatsoever. Nevermind the completely random sheep people, gratuitous cleavage shots and the very explicit sex scenes. This game looks like it will make total sense, and not be weird or strange at all. Even if the trailer were in English I don't think we'd be able to understand it. (Atlus, Catherine, PS3, Xbox 360)

Crystallis  +   1501d ago
I am all over this game. Cant wait for a release date.
alien626  +   1501d ago
i think the release date is 23rd of this month but in japan not sure if there will b a USA release
alien626  +   1501d ago
wats with disagrees?? i want this game too iam just saying its coming out on japan first i belive
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   1501d ago
They disagree because you're wrong.
Reibooi  +   1500d ago

Yeah your wrong. The day this game was shown off for the first time(which was like 2-3 days ago) Atlus said it was 80% complete. So according to you they just magically finished the last 80% in those 2-3 days so they could release it next week?

No you are wrong. They have already said it will be out some time late this year more then likely in November or December.
hatchimatchi  +   1501d ago
I want this game
SwiderMan  +   1501d ago
Could be good.
Adaminy  +   1501d ago
will be good.
S M N  +   1501d ago
it already good
DNAgent  +   1501d ago
Hopefully Persona 5 is announced at TGS
I'm not really liking whatever this game is supposed to be.
Reibooi  +   1500d ago
It amuses me that you don't like what this game is when it's basically a Persona 3 spin off. I would not doubt if it's story in the end somewhat relates to P3 and at the very least there are sure to be cameo's and whatnot.

Not to mention the idea of being a Persona fan and not liking anything else Atlus puts out makes NO sense as all their games are of the same caliber and feature similar themes.
DigitalAnalog  +   1501d ago
Studio 4'c FTW.
-End statement
animelover10487  +   1501d ago
This is like a super badass version of Persona
Can't wait :D
"mmmmmm.... cleavage"
Moerdigan  +   1501d ago
The game is mature in ways that I haven't really seen in usual games.

That's probably why I don't mind that this isn't the awaited Persona5
KingJFS  +   1501d ago
The rampaging sheep men still have me asking WTF and I watched the trailer this morning.
Adaminy  +   1501d ago
not only are their games unique, they always have great music. i love the soundtracks in all the persona's~
J@D  +   1501d ago
hahahaha it made me laugh so I'm getting this for my PS3 :)
2Negative  +   1501d ago
Ok so I love atlus and will likely get this game but that trailer has got to be filed under WTF.
The Great Melon  +   1501d ago
Atlus I hope you bring this to the West else I will be stuck fumbling about with a dictionary deciphering Japanese subtitles.
bjornbear  +   1501d ago
how on earth does this game play?
im intreagued but completely confused as to how it plays =O well its atlus, they never dissapoint.

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