Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs You Wish Existed

From the feature article:

"Everyone loves finding something in a game before anyone else, particularly if it’s a delicious secret and they’ve beaten everyone to the punch – that’s the cool thing about stumbling on an Easter Egg way before any other gamer has and why the internet is full of spoilers showing them all off. Just check Google or Youtube and you’ll be virtually bombarded with the exploits of people who found something before anyone else – on top of it, they won’t ever let you forget it. Ever. But, what if there were Easter Egg levels in games that we always wanted, but sadly didn’t exist. Personally, I think that would be cooler than fallen through ice in Fargo during the winter. So, without any further adieu, the top ten video game Easter eggs you totally wish existed."

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UltimaEnder2978d ago

LOL - gotta love the Kane & Lynch one.....classic stuff, I wish developers did more things like this; hidden demos and the like, great list!

LaurenKB1232978d ago

I'll take Mario Kart hidden in a game anyday, also the Duke Nukem one would be epic....

lh_swe2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I at first thought it said these existed at which point I got very confused XP

MasterChief36242978d ago

Lol. Same here, actually. I was getting all excited over the Mario Kart 64 one... but then I saw the God of War demo in Gears of War and I thought to myself: "Um... wait a second.. >.>"

Journalism: 1 Me: 0


UltimaEnder2978d ago

LOL - it's meant to get those feelings from the reader, it would be awesome - but sadly they are not....

Sonic the Hedgehog2978d ago

I like Easter eggs. Especially when Eggman isn't around.

UltimaEnder2978d ago

Hush it Sonic, I've heard enough of out you!

iamnsuperman2978d ago

Porn...o wait that kinda happened in BMX XXX

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