So What Are The Real Odds of a COD Black Ops Beta? Not So Good.

Many gamers around the world are asking about the Call of Duty Black Ops Beta. Rumor has it that the beta is already underway and many say it won’t happen at all. Treyarch’s community manager, Josh Olin, has confirmed that no beta has been released. But with Josh’s community manager skills, he will almost always neither “confirm nor deny” rumors, which leaves the community wide open for speculation. With some simple math and history, here is what we can expect concerning a beta for Black Ops.

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they kept referring to september 1st from the live video stream this morning. My guess an announcement of a multiplayer beta will come from that.

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Jordanemery3041d ago

I almost included this information in the article. I was going to refer to the Sept 1 as the believed "Beta" version. Makes me happy knowing I'm no the only person that thought like that.

DarkTower8053040d ago

I don't think there will be a beta. COD runs an already established server network that Acti/Treyarch knows works and can handle the millions that will be online.

Focker-4203040d ago

Its not about testing the servers. Its about finding bugs/glitches in the gameplay.

rdgneoz33040d ago

Yah, and its not like the last COD had any bugs at all....

Deputydon3040d ago

One of the most wanted things for MW2 was a beta, not to play the game before it was out and for free, but to make sure it was bug free. This came to bite them in the ass big time.

Treyarch is trying to take the crowd that left IW's support behind. Hence why they are bringing back mods and dedicated servers, getting rid of Commando, Akimbo, and One Man Army. Do you really think they will forget about the highest thing on the wishlist? A beta? I doubt it.

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xYLeinen3041d ago

Black Ops will be in stores 9th November. I highly doubt there is time for a MP beta, and if there is I really don't see any other point than just for getting more attention before release. They will not have time to make that many changes, at least not big changes before they will need to send the game to Activision.

socomnick3040d ago

WAW beta was a month before it released.

WAW beta took place back in oct black ops beta should probably be up around the same time.

ambientFLIER3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

They might not have enough time to patch the game before release, but finding bugs in the beta will give them a jump start on fixing them asap after it launches.

HOSe3040d ago

i think this game is going to be really good. but - why buy it? activision showed us whats up with modern warfare 2 - its going to be a money hog. WHAT IM BUYING THIS FALL INSTEAD : fallout new vegas / gt5 / fifa 11 - until 2011

jdktech20103040d ago

because it's really good? Seriously, you answered your question in your question....that takes talent.

I'll see on Sep 1st what comes out and whether its worth the preorder

Kick-Ass3040d ago

If they don't have a beta they'll have a mw2 on their hands

frankymv3040d ago

why would there be a beta?

No previous CoD game has had a beta.

MRHARDON3040d ago

COD4 AND [email protected] had a Beta....look up your information before posting.

Focker-4203040d ago

Good job Mr. know-it-all

Solstice3040d ago

Not trying to offend anyone or anything, but that was a funny moment.

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