EA: Respawn’s game is a ways off

Speaking with Eurogamer at gamescom, DeMartini said there are still quite a few things to do before work gets started on Respawn’s vision.

“The thing everybody needs to remember is they were starting at absolute zero,” he said. “This is two guys who really know what they’re doing having to go find a place for the team, buy chairs and desks and furniture, find new technology from the ground up, and pull a team together. I need to get HR people and contracts. There are all kinds of things and administration that need to take place.

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xYLeinen3011d ago

Well, is anyone really surprised by that? At Quakecon they said they hadn't decided on an engine yet either.

I think they should be very happy they got EA who is willing to support their new team. I only can imagine how much work there is to building a whole new team from the ground up.

Ca9ine3011d ago

Unless Respawn develops their very own engine, I'd really hope they would go for the fantastically modified id Tech 3 engine -XreaL. They have great experience with id Tech 3, and the previous blockbuster game releases to prove it.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's engines are both based on id Tech 3, although very modified like XreaL, but I imagine it's in Infinity Ward and ATVI's legal posession.

Find XreaL's official site here:

scar203011d ago

I'm sure whatever they come up with will not be milked every year like cod.Bubbles?