Metroid: The Most Influential Shooter Ever

"With such evolving gameplay elements within the Metroid series, it would be impossible to deny that the series is innovative, revolutionary, and influential. "

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Blaze9293041d ago

Never really was a fan of the metroid series.

3041d ago
Agent-863041d ago

The Metroid series may well be a great series of games, maybe even excellent. However, it is an overly exaggerated statement to say its the "most influential shooter ever". To be influential, that means it has to influence other developers to adopt/copy designs into their own games. Name a game that was influenced by Metroid? How did it change shooters so much that everyone copied them? Want an example of a shooter that influenced others: Battlefield 2. See, BF2 started the trend of stat tracking, ranking up, and weapon unlocks. Now, just about every modern shooter uses those game designs. That's what you call influential. Others would be: Half-Life, COD, even the original Doom. Metroid? Not so much.

swice3041d ago

Shadow Complex? Kid Icarus NES? Castlevania?
It also influenced developers to include females in their games. Such as Lara Croft and Chun-Li

SpoonyRedMage3040d ago

The Prime games influenced Star Wars: Republic Commando, Geist, Dementium, Moon, The Conduit and Red Steel 2.

In a way you could argue they influenced the Call of Duty games too because the DS versions built on Hunters' controls.

Wh15ky3040d ago

The only Metroid game I've played is Metroid Prime 3 on wii. That game set the standards for FPS controls on Wii.

smash-brother-103040d ago

swice got it pretty much spot on. To say it hasn't influenced anything is quite a silly thing to say lol

Active Reload3040d ago

You need only look at the recent affairs of the Prime Series to see a lot of influences. The Space Pirates have been duplicated to this very day. The creature design was unparalleled until I seen the Locust and to a slightly lesser degree, the Chimera. Even the Pingers from Crysis 2 look a LOT like Metroid Prime Space Pirates.

Agent-863040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

OK, I didn't mean to imply that Metroid didn't influence other games. I just meant that it doesn't match the title as "the most influential shooter EVER". Please notice that word EVER, like no other shooter comes close. That is a completely over exaggerated statement, but I guess that's what get hits at N4G: overly provocative titles. Sorry Metroid fans, let me restate. Metroid was an influential game, but its not the most influential shooter ever. Is that better?

swice3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Now you see why you have to be precise with what you say on this site. Nobody here is forgiving (it's the nature of the site). But thank you for rewording; nicely done

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DarkBlade46583041d ago

Absolutely loved the metroid series, but never got into the 3D ones, but loved the 2d exploration ones. Gonna keep a lookout on Other M though, looks sick.

Blaine3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

apparently Castlevania SotN was heavily influenced by them. I guess so I guess I owe the series a debt because I love the hell out of SotN!

But those are the 2D series we're talking about. Can't say that I know of any shooters that were inspired by Metroid.

Myze3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Well, SotN is one of my favorite games and it definitely took some of the parts of Metroid, at least the 2D versions. Honestly, I would say SotN is better than any Metroid game (that's a major praise of SotN, not a knock to the M series), but it still borrowed from the gameplay. Also, while it did take a lot from Metroid, SotN also still retained a lot from previous Castlevania games (actually most of the RPG elements that are said to come from Metroid, could also be considered to come from Simon's Quest instead, but the gameplay/playstyle is definitely reminiscent of Metroid).

While I love Metroid, I always felt Metroid 1 and 2 and Super Metroid were better than the Metroid Prime games (although they are really good too, they didn't have the same feel or fluidity). I'm VERY much looking forward to the new game for that very reason.

El_Colombiano3041d ago

Metroid Prime is a game that will forever be considered a masterpiece in my heart. Everything about that game was absolutely perfect.

Active Reload3040d ago

Yup, and its the only game that I've ever played were I strongly feel it was PERFECT and I've played every "big" franchise this gen. And to add onto the perfection, there were no glitches, bugs, or anything like that. Nintendo's seal of quality could be showcased through that game.

Venox20083041d ago

all metroid games are perfect in one or in other way!!! :) I've finished SNES super metroid not a long ago and now I am playin' GBA Metroid: zero mission..and I love Prime series and waitin' for Other M.. play it people you won't regret it! :)

Miraak82 3041d ago

I always wanted to play the Primes series but never really owned a nintendo system past the snes,,, Metroid 2 and Super Metroid were master pieces in my eyes

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