Halo: Reach Full Game Leaked From Microsoft Servers

Modders from have apparently tricked Microsoft servers and have gained access to the game. Offering the game’s files for a whooping $1250, the game was intended for reviewers and only meant to be downloaded by code.

The game has apparently been leaked to other places as well. Spoilers for the game have been found at Bungie’s official forums and NeoGAF.

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donniebaseball2955d ago

WOW, that's freaking huge. Hopefully the game doesn't get pirated to hell.

rroded2955d ago

tho any of em logging on ta live with it early are gonna feel the ban hammer lolz

InfectedDK2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

OH boy!

Btw Master Chief dies at the end by a crazy red dragon

mercsfan2955d ago

Idk this seems fishy, becuase they would have to have the update too :/

2955d ago
MicroSony4Life2955d ago

This actually helps MS becasue more ban consoles mean more poeple buying new one's.

karl2955d ago

ban of consoles? this is halo we are talking about

MS will probably shoot some people...

pustulio2955d ago

Coming September 14th.

Or find it 2 weeks earlier in the pirate bay.


EvilBlackCat2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

imo this is intentional


Halo Reach gets mega hyped for two weeks because of this in all major sites. People is going to get hyped.

More search of Halo Reach because of this on Google, yahoo etc its going to hype the game even more.

THIS IS FREE publicity and guess what you are part of it right now.

How many PS3 only owners are going to jump on this game this fall now?

But of course corporate mascots are going to deny it... who is going to be first? come on you know that you wanna come out from the shadows and disagree.

0mega42955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

will defiantly hurt sales.

hope that sony is able to squash there resent jailbreak
as well as microsft nipping this one in the butt too

piracy really hurts developers

ShadowRyuX2955d ago

I highly doubt Halo: Reach is going to make PS3 owners run out and buy a 360. In fact the only reason I am getting this is because it looks like a significant improvement on the previous Halo's and I happen to already have a 360.

Now I'm sure this will sell 10m easy, but I almost guarantee that 9/10 people buying it already have Halo 3 and 99/100 will have already had a 360, because if you were to get a 360 for Halo, you would have already gotten one as there are 2 Halo games out on the system (Not counting the RTS)

Pistolero2955d ago

you act like game franchises don't gain new fans....which is stupid when you consider that each game continues to sell more than the previous one...obviously a franchise can gain new fans.
it's like saying uncharted 3 won't help sell any ps3s because anybody that loves uncharted would have already bought a ps3 for uncharted 1 and uncharted 2. it's stupid reasoning in my opinion.
halo reach looks like the best halo ever and i guarantee it will attract new gamers...not to mention bring back some gamers that used to love it on the original xbox but haven't bought a 360 yet for whatever reason.

AAACE52955d ago

That sux! But people will still buy it as there are longtime Halo fans who want to play the game for several years and don't want to be worried about being banned!

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Imperator2955d ago

Now we'll have spoilers running around the whole internet. *sigh* guess I'll have to be extra careful. I still remember getting Heavy Rain ruined for me. Still was a great experience, but damn spoilers.

KillerBBs2955d ago

Who cares. Does any one over the age of 12 care about the story line?
Either the multi player SUCKS or it's GOOD.
You can kill the master C a million times, I don't care... put a Dummy in her armor.

Focker-4202955d ago

I think you have it backwards. Adults like a good storyline. Children don't give a sh*t and just want to shoot stuff.

XactGamer2955d ago

Just don't come here to N4G until the game is released because the Sony faithful will spoil the hell out of the game. You will see a thousand users with names that spoil the ending and they will spam every thread.

Elven62955d ago

Situations like this are why I've posted many times in the N4G forums about some sort of a safeguard against spoilers like a [spoiler][/spoiler] tag or a spoiler report for troll comments which automatically hides the comment until a mod checks it out.

That way those who want to discuss spoilers maturely can do so and those who want to simply be trolls about it can be caught before gamers anticipating a titles release fall victim to spoilers.

I thought Alan Wake was spoiled for me on N4G but because of the way the game is structured, it's a pretty hard game to spoil. Unfortunately such safeguards don't apply to all games. =/

Christopher2955d ago

***Does any one over the age of 12 care about the story line? ***

Yeah, I do. It's one of the main things I look for in any game I play.

shadow27972955d ago

Now I'm kind of a noob to the whole Halo storyline, but is there really that much to spoil? Doesn't Reach get blown up or something, and everyone dies except MC, who escapes and goes on to be Teh Awesome?

I swear there's already a book on the Fall of Reach. I know Bungie has changed a few things, but I'm pretty sure all the major points are going to be pretty close.

Spoiling games sucks, no doubt about it. The same with spoiling anything, really. But this kind of sounds like someone trying to spoil Titanic. BUT if you're super dedicated to avoiding spoilers, stay off the internet for a while. Some idiots are definitely going to try and ruin it for everyone, and it would suck if they succeeded.

I'm with Elven6, spoiler tags/reports are definitely needed.

Ascalon942955d ago

dude I feel so damn sorry for you. Because Heavy Rain had one of the best stories ever this gen and beyong, it even rivals some of the movies I've seen.

gamerzBEreal172955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

while everyone was screaming PS3 GOT HACKED there biggest game got leaked lol

commodore642955d ago

@ ^^^
Yes, PS3 got hacked, Halo got leaked.
Which is worse?

Still, not a good day for the industry in any case

Darkfocus2955d ago

and not games in general

palaeomerus2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Ummm by context Reach has a pretty much defined ending. It's kind of like claiming that the ending to Titanic, Massad, or The Alamo has been spoiled. If you recognize the significance of the name then you know how it has to end.

Not that I want a bunch of information about the campaign but the story isn't going to have a happy ending.

In any case I'm still going to pay my $60 come September.

Well, actually $40 with the amazon credit I have coming from Metroid: Other M...

WildArmed2955d ago

I still play games for story lines.. believe or not..
Oh I wuvs MGS4 so much

2955d ago
pustulio2955d ago

@Focker-420 Dude i love the truth in your comment and also how you got 51 agrees and 1 disagree wich is probably KillerBBs.


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Perjoss2955d ago

one of the main parts of Halo games is the multiplayer, good luck playing online with a pirate copy :)

sonnyz2955d ago

One of the main parts of multiplayer is playing locally with people in the room with you.

KillerBBs2955d ago

or it's just a cartoon.

DatNJDom812955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

You said it before i can post it and u are 100% right. Watch them ban another million people to increase sales. funny thing is that the million people that get banned WILL BUY ANOTHER 360! Incredibly stupid, especially when a superior console exists.

BUT!!! I dont agree with those assholes going in and straight up stealing Bungie's shit. They worked too hard to have some dicks come and steal it. I wouldnt buy halozzzzz for 60 bucks let alone 1250 or watever they were selling it for.

spacetattoo2955d ago

MS most likely did this on purpose putting a way to see the pirated game when it has been logged onto xbox live. even if they wait tell launch.

Ban some more consoles and boom, some more sales.
hey if you steal you deserve it.

DatNJDom812955d ago

Look what some ass PM'ed me with:

From: mcnablejr

ps3- a superior console.

you joking right?

or you mean superior to the wii.?"

No I'm not joking at all. Superior to Wii and 360. The only thing that has PS3 beat in raw power is a hooked up PC. And why the fuck would u PM me to ask that? You think I'm gonna start a PM arguement or something. Seriously son, you dont agree with what I said just hit the disagree button. 9 others did. Dont waste my time PMing me unless its something worth it. Get a life. Its only N4G.

JsonHenry2955d ago

Even on the 360 piracy is not much of any issue. Most people don't have the technical skill it takes to mod a console.

I can't help but laugh at stuff like this. It is almost to be expected anymore.

otherZinc2954d ago

need to pay a bunch of money to an Attorney!

This is going to be an easy nut to crack for M$ & the authorities, some people are stupid & need to made an example of!

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brazilianbumpincher2955d ago

'deliberate ploy by microsoft so they can ban consoles again in time for the christmas rush'

piracy can really kill the gaming industry,bungie have given us a great franchise lets support them please....a million pre-orders gives me hope

Biggest2955d ago

If getting an early copy costs $1250, I would think it's safe to say no one is going to buy it early. Microsofthas nothing to do with these thieves.

cyborg2955d ago

you won't be able to buy the game, leave alone play it! You will require a special pre-paid coupon from MS themselves in order to download the game. MS have uploaded the game in their servers for select media personnels who which to review the game. They are alloted a special token which unlocks the game and makes it downloadable.

The $1250 price-tag is just a place-holder so that noone tries to buy the game ( scared away by the price-tag). Also I can confirm that it won't be available in games on demand services for the public as it's exclusively for reviewers to download.

As for this getting leaked, if it's true then it's really sad not because it would effect the sales ( which it would not by much) but because the inter-webs will be infested by campaign spoilers posted by guys having no lives which might ruin the experience for unsuspecting gamers. I hope, it's not uploaded to the public else you guys better be careful where you go til reach releases.


Convas2955d ago

It has begun. Time to high tail the hell off of Forums, N4G and NeoGAF, and YOUTUBE. If your anticipating REACH and hating spoilers, I'd suggest you get the hell outta dodge too. Massive Spoilers incoming. Peace Guys. I'm out. LOL.

Biggest2955d ago

But isn't Reach a prequel? I'm pretty sure we know how it all ends.

outrageous2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

The ending is written in stone for team Noble seems Bungie has decided to add a little something to the legendary status of Master Chief. At least thats what they are hinting at in the last reveal...lets take a look...

A spartan will rise...Hmmmm...What does that

BTW...This game looks INCREDIBLE!!!

Biggest2955d ago

You make me laugh, personthatmakescommentsexactly likecez_of_rage.

hudsoniscool2955d ago

we know whats going to happen to the planet reach but nothing else. we dont know anything about whats going to happen to noble team

rekof2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Ok I am a Ps3 fan, but I find this disgusting ,..
Bungie should just dump it on the market,.. because this is not good, because I am sure they worked their asses of for Reach,.. I know Reach will be played MP mostly ,.. but still,.

@brazilianbumpincher ,.. you know,.. Knowing MS :) ,..them duds will do anything for money,..(joke people,. chill ,.. and there is nothing bad with money per se,..) lol

CaptainAmerica2955d ago

damn, and you were doing so good with your comment, you had to ruin it with that last sentence.

hudsoniscool2955d ago

people buying reach for muliplayer mainly. odst has sold almost 6 million copies and offers almost no new multiplayer

InfamousHero2955d ago

That was just tricky marketing on Microsoft's behalf. They never told the uninformed, non-blog visiting gamer that it was the same online play as Halo 3.

8thnightvolley2955d ago

for a second i was contemplating getting it.. lool.. £625 pounds.. mmmm.. naaaaaa.. too stupid