Sega's Games Convention Lineup

This morning, Sega has also unveiled it's Games Convention Lineup for this month, with less than three weeks away from the event, gaming publishers have been showing their line up of titles that will be present at LGC in Germany this month. They will be showing the online version of Virtua fighter 5 for the X360 for the first time along with other surprises and guests.

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TriggerHappy4061d ago

VF's online mode will be demoed for the first time, that should be interesting, curious to see how achievements will be integrated into this.

Crazy Larry4061d ago

show more stuff on the new Golden Axe game.

icdedppl4061d ago

i was just going to say i hope they show some info on golden axe...

djt234061d ago

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic
i want to know more about this game