ShockCast Episode 27 - “No Cheering In The Press Box Sucks”

DualShockers writes, "This week’s show one of our main topics stems from an editorial that we read on GamePolitics. In it the writer spoke about game journalists not being taken seriously because they never have the same integrity of, let’s say, a sports writer who delivers purely news and fact to his or her audience. Instead, game journalists always seem to lean in one direction or another. This topic quickly turns into a heated debate as most of us agree that this unofficial ”no cheering rule” sucks. Our second main topic we discuss the trials and tribulations that occur when you’re a smaller site trying to make a name for yourself in this industry. What separates the real ones with staying power from the fakers? To wrap things up we discuss news from GamesCom as well stories that made waves this week. All in all, another great episode with some great discussions, make sure to give it a listen..."

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Ninferno2986d ago

Journalism is a tough gig when you cant express your own opinions even though you really want to

thevokillist2986d ago

I think that you should be able to express your own opinions. You can still keep a professional attitude and still be excited for a title, just makes no sense why you couldn't cheer for something that you enjoy.

Hitman07692986d ago

Regardless of what anyone says, if you write in an industry you will undoubtedly and inevitably develop opinions and heart-made decisions on what you think about all the various brands, entities, and "teams" even.

There is no such thing as 100% unbiased thinking and as a game journalist of course you should strive for fairness and balance, but recognize that it's not all about being bland and boring.

Just because you have a viewpoint that one thing is good and another less-so, that is no reason to close yourself off from the other viewpoints that exist.

You should always be open to something being fun even if you previously weren't a fan, so you should also be open to things being utter crap, even if you're a fan.

With this all in mind,

I still insist that all these writers saying you can't be enthusiastic, they still have views of their own even if they don't show it. Who's the winner then? Readers will still know you have an opinion, they aren't stupid, they can read in between the lines and hear the undertones in your writing so you might as well just come out in the public with your opinions and if you can't back it up then you should change your mind and see other's points.


thats what a good writer consists of. Amen brother!

aminjarez2986d ago

I think there's a difference when it comes to having an opinion and just straight out being a fanboy/girl. As long as the opinion has merit and isn't just the "This new item for the 360 will crush the PS3 because it just will" then I can handle it.

Chadness2986d ago

I'll repeat here what I said in the podcast: The minute I need to be stoic when performing this job is when I don't want to do it anymore. Mindless, emotionless reporting is simply not the way to go.

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