Harmonix Reveals Full Rock Band 3 Setlist With Satire

Harmonix addresses the leak video while adding the final unknown songs to Rock Band 3

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venomcarnage893008d ago

weak ass setlist in my opinion. I see maybe 4 songs I would actually have fun playing on real guitar and none of those are high priorities on my future song list. The only way I am buying this now is if it gets confirmed that all previous DLC and rock band imports support the real guitar with accurate tabs. I want to play the rust in peace album and the Yngwie Malmsteen stuff on guitar, not this.

Myst3008d ago

Even this has been approved [same type of article] twice it's still interesting to see. I just hope that later on they will add Explosions in The Sky to their list of DLC. Despite not having any vocals it's really great band.

Urmomlol3005d ago

Giving you heat just because you guys actually bothered to do your goddamn job instead of merely copying and pasting the press release like these lazy bastards: