Ubisoft: HAWX 2 Delay Not Due To Quality Issues Or Exclusivity Deals

Ubisoft's contacted to confirm the delay of HAWX 2 on the PlayStation 3, Wii and PC. They've also clarified that the delay is not due to exclusivity deals or quality issues.

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yewles13014d ago

"Update @ 18:50 BST: Ubisoft’s informed us that while they can’t disclose the specifics of the delay, it has nothing to do with quality issues nor exclusivity deals."

O.O??? THEN WTF IS IT??? Talk about ridiculous BS...

Forbidden_Darkness3014d ago

Yeah and of course it wasn't an exclusivity deal, thats what we call SARCASM... Some people amaze me.

NecrumSlavery3014d ago

So they just put it on the 360 early for the hell of it?

ThanatosDMC3014d ago

I hope it's quality issues because they need to up the graphics to look more like the PC version. Also, they need to change how difficulty is handled and make AI harder to dogfight instead of having less health. Ace Combat's normal mode AI in the last missions are always ALWAYS a pain in the ass to kill which makes it awesome.

Lou-Cipher3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

If they cant say why, then it is because they have a contract, and are forced (by a contract) not to talk about it. Microsoft has put tons of gag orders in their timed exclusive contracts. This is nothing new.

The same way BioWare couldn't talk about the PS3 MassEffect 2 version even though anyone with any form of intelligence knew it was coming to the PS3.

Microsoft doesn't want people to know that they are spending thousands of dollars on 7 days worth of exclusivity. People were mad enough that they spent 50 million on some DLC that came to PS3 and PC a year later. 360 owners are really getting annoyed with the lack of exclusive games, and spending money on timed exclusives in nothing but an insult to all 360 owners.

Microsoft needs to get their $hit together before the majority of their user base walks on them.

darkequitus3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

You mean the $50 Million loan?

Elven63014d ago

Such deals have to be disclosed to some extent in SEC filings for publicly traded companies don't they? Why not just check those for any hint of a deal when or if they are already filed?

StarScream4Ever3014d ago

It was terrible. Most of the time I spent trying to lock on target, fighting with the controller just to refuel, and tank like control that I found unlikable.

I found the first game rather good but the sequel feels off.

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