Darkstalkers may be too hardcore for 3D

VGD writes: "Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Producer on why certain sex-changing super moves didn’t make the cut, and the terrible ‘memory hunger’ of the Darkstalkers cast."

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dirigiblebill2953d ago



Acquiescence2953d ago

I know where I'd dribble.

nickjkl2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

well i look what we have here ziiiiiiiip

but for real i think alot of people are going to get this game just for morrigan and if they add boob physics well morrigan will just have to become my most used character

anyway heres the large version of the avatar picture

DuRaN-214-2953d ago

HARDCORE I might just have to buy a 3d tv jk

Crystallis2953d ago

That picture is hardcore.

dirigiblebill2953d ago

OK, own up. How many people are clicking through just to see the image?

Aquacure2953d ago

Oh and her top stays on cause of teh bewbs ^_^'

dirigiblebill2953d ago

She must have hooks for nipples. Either that or her top is stitched to the skin.

TheGameFoxJTV2953d ago

Lets just say it's one of a succubus' powers.

Allowen2953d ago

There is a Darkstalkers game for the PSP for salle at the PSN.

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