Fable III GC10 Interactions Walkthrough

Check out the video walkthrough of Fable 3 and the interaction part of the game, with commentary.

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jaredhart3009d ago

Cool. I liked the first better than the 2nd. This one looks promising.


i think the first one didnt promise as much, the second one was too big for its own good, the third onces the charm right? :D

TrailerParkSupervisr3008d ago

This looks pretty sweet. One thing I did like in the last one was being a landlord and collecting all that rent! Waaaaaay better than chopping wood for an hour at a time!


hehe chopping wood wasnt as bad as making swords.... gaaaaaah..

Bellcross3008d ago

I wish more games would implement some of these features, I've always like the character interaction in fable games.

played and completed both 1 & 2, 3 looks great so far.


me too! fable should be a genre of itself. i love the fact that they play on emotions. most games dont