GameBlurb: Lara Croft and The Guardians of Light Review

GameBlurb writes, "I never played a single game of the Tomb Raider series. I dismissed it due to the seeming capitalization of the main character as a gaming sex symbol. Though recent iterations of the series have given me the impression that they were moving away from that image, it still wasn’t enough to get me to try it out. That is, until I tried out Lara Croft and The Guardians of Light."

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evildeli2978d ago

If it's got Square Enix's seal of approval, I'll check it out

jaidek2978d ago

Everytime I see videos of this game in motion I think of Alien Swarm or old school Smash TV with the mulit-directional firing and spread weapons. I am going to have to at least try the demo.

MicrocutsX22978d ago

I remember playing the original tomb raider and didn't really enjoy it that much...but that's probably because I was to young to realize what it was all about back then. The Review seemed really positive but surprised the reviewer didn't like it. Oh wells, his point of view was good enough for me to make a purchase even if I disagree with opinion.

peahater2978d ago

This game wasn't bad at all =)

Kiroe2978d ago

I am interested in the online multiplayer mostly and many of my friends are picking it up on the ps3. So I am going to hold off and just play the demo on my 360 for now.

Kuzo2978d ago

I'm tired of the online games. Multiplayer just lost it's charm.

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The story is too old to be commented.