Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium: New trailer, first playable race!

THQ just published a completely new trailer for Warhammer: Dark Millennium Online! The video shows the first playable race: The "Imperium of Man". The source also delivers a few new screenshots for the next Warhammer MMO!

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Rimbaudesque3014d ago

I have the terrible feeling this will just be another bad wow clone with some average gimmick to differentiate. But hopefully i'm wrong. :)

Darkfiber3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I very much doubt it'll be a WoW clone. Sure, it'll have some things that WoW did right in it, do all recent and upcoming MMOs, but it's so far off that they know there's no chance in hell they will succeed without making something new. New MMOs are moving in a new action oriented gameplay direction and this game will be no different. They already showed aiming reticules in the last trailer, meaning that the game will have free aiming, not boring autotarget 12345 shit, and they have a very heavy emphasis on vehicles. I have faith in this game, and not just because I love Warhammer 40k.

Also, Zaeed from Mass Effect 2 is in it, that makes it a win already. This game looks bad ass. Tech priests look incredible.