Where's the adventure?

From the page: "Honestly, I’m not in any rush to see 'adventure games' make some sudden, miraculous resurgence. Instead, I’m much more interested in those games from other genres that still feel like grand adventures. You know – setting out to explore a huge land, meeting eccentric inhabitants, and generally feeling that sense of adventure that never fails to excite.

But even the sense of adventure seems to be disappearing, and it’s quite troubling."

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Cevapi883035d ago

last time i got that feeling from a game was KOTOR

N4GAddict3035d ago

A lot of RPGs in the past was good at this.

Fullish3035d ago

Fate of the Atlantis for the last adventure I enjoyed.

N4GAddict3035d ago

Heavy Rain is a good adventure game...

metsgaming3035d ago

Uncharted is the best adventure type game out there, especially in drakes fortune.

Darkfiber3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I still don't understand why people classify a linear third person shooter as an adventure game. Pfft, console kids. Do you even know what adventure games are?

I don't care how much you like the game, that doesn't change its genre.

HelghastKid3035d ago

You know just because you dont like the game doesnt mean you have to insult it....actually this is N4G people do that all the time :p Though i do agree with you uncharted is more a 3rd person shooter with adventure elements than a full blown adventure game. I havent seen a serious adventure game in a long time, they are usually blended in with rpgs for as long as i can remember.

nickjkl3035d ago

are you implying games back in the day werent linear

coolbeans3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Pretty sure neither of the two replies above me understood his statement. You guys do realize what adventure games of the past were like, right?

AusWarrior3035d ago

The author was talking about games that overall felt like a grand adventure, not the genre. And yes, he mentions Uncharted 2 in the article as an adventure. It's the experience you get from the game that makes it feel like a grand adventure. Which is why I think the Uncharted games are great examples, along with games like Red Dead Redemption.

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The story is too old to be commented.