Top 10 Toughest Pokemon Fights

Recount the memories and struggles in past Pokemon games with this Top Ten list of the toughest trainer encounters known to man.

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Agent Smith3012d ago

Yeah, that one was pretty difficult with her spamming Rollout, and like all other gym leaders, right when you have their Pokemon at low health, they bust out that Full Restore. Surprisingly though, in my version of HeartGold, she was easier to beat than in the original Gold because she never used Rollout in the remake.

But Bugsy and his Scyther kept on using U-Turn. Powerful attack and lets it leave battle.

Tourquue3011d ago

Buhh, on the first go in SS @ the Elite 4, sent me into a rage fit. But going in the 2nd time, I pretty much wiped the floor with him strangely. I set up my Pidgeot (57) as a shield against his Dragonite who continually used Hyper Beam and it did very, very little damage, which gave mt time to come up with a better strategy and destroy his other dragons. The Full Restore bit gets very annoying as well.

fatstarr3011d ago

This hit the nail on the head. HE WAS SO DAM HARD FOR NO DAM REASON. I wish his pokemon was stronger back in blue red yellow. I remember Going up against him with my epic blastioise and then the rest of my team was in mid 40,s Greatest pokemon battle of my life of hit and potions and revives lasted like 1 hour i think.

My toughest was Brock in Pokemon yellow I made a mistake of over training Pikachu which was useless in that battle.

iPlayGamez3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

that should of been on there, a level 78 (i think) snorlax that spams his rest and snore attack with rediculously high hp

Snorlax woke up... Snorlax used Rest...