James Bond Blood Stone Multiplayer Detailed

GamerZines writes:

Bizarre Creations has told GamerZines what to expect from James Bond: Blood Stone's multiplayer component, revealing that the game will include support for up to 16 players and be purely team-based

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Noobasaurus_REX3010d ago

Quantums multiplayer ideas, execution was meh

r1sh123009d ago

I think the game was made on the COD engine, but they changed so many things from it to try and make it different. The gameplay was a little dated compared to other games that had come out.
But since treyarch are not making this one, I doubt I will buy it.

Congentleman3010d ago

I haven't really enjoyed a James Bond game in a while, I hope they can make something at least as good as Everything or Nothing with this one.

Anorexorcist3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Even to this day, it is the only James Bond game that made you feel like you were almost playing an interactive James Bond film, rather than a vanilla FPS with the James Bond name slapped on it. The gameplay variety in EoN was exceptional compared to other James Bond games.

Did Gamespot ever ding EoN for having too much variety? LOL, It wouldn't be the first time...yeah you all know what I'm talking about.

xHarvey3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

OMG Everything or Nothing was so epic! Thanks for bringing back some memories. I remember the mission where he had to dive of a cliff and the one in which he had to catch up to a plane on a motorcycle. ;) what an awesome game probably right next to 007 GoldenEye.

RockmanII73010d ago

Every gen has had at least one good Bond game, hopefully this one isn't an exception.

tigertron3010d ago

I was actually thinking about EON last night, it was one of my favourite PS2 games which is why I'm pleased about Bloodstone being like EON; and besides, we won't have Bond 23 for a while, so its good to have another movie like installment.

JohnApocalypse3009d ago

Could be a sweet game. I would prefer to have Goldeneye instead