Lionhead Working 10x faster on Fable III

Lionhead has told Eurogamer that work on Fable III is rocketing along at 10-times the pace of Fable II.

In an interview published today, art director John McCormack said having a working engine - albeit one Lionhead wasn't "entirely happy" with by Fable II launch - enabled the team to focus on polish and squeezing the technology that "little bit further".

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QuantumWake3011d ago

Nice to see that Lionhead feel comfortable and relaxed with their development of Fable 3. It sure does make me feel better when I know that devs are confident with their play ground and just making sure that they get that last bit of polish into their games.

Can't wait to see more of Fable 3 in the future! Keep it up Lionhead!

Cheers!! :D

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DasBunker3011d ago

lol'd.. people need to check their sarcasm-o-meter ...

and LMAO @ candy for believing this is positive.

candystop3011d ago

Why is it not positive? You can't answer that because you don't know the answer. Instead you want to troll 360 news because that's whar sore loosers do. It's well known that after awhile developers move faster and make more efficient software with hardware knowledge. Your just angry 360's getting positive news and want to join the crowd of bitter PS3 fans that can't take it. Nothing you guys pull are going to save PS3 so why all the spiteful bitterness since gamescon? Pathetic if you ask me!

mrcash3011d ago

Whats with all this nothing is going to save ps3 or save 360, these consoles don't need saving they both are selling well and making money if there ever comes a point when they completely stop selling then go ahead and say that.

Zinc3011d ago

@mrcash - My god... that's the most objective and realistic thing I've seen in the comments since I last posted something.


Seriously though, I totally agree with you. This console war bs was old before it began.

Alos883011d ago

Don't rush this thing, or at least don't tell the world you are, it's not a good neccesarily a good thing.

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Quagmire3011d ago

As quoted by Daft Punk:

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