The 5 Most Ludicrous Vehicles in Gaming

Beer + Videogames reminds you not to drink and drive. Especially if you drive a robot dog.

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Krugsy3039d ago

Well, it was absolutely ludicrous...but that doesn't stop it being utterly cool.

"Ludicrous Speed"

Redrum0593039d ago

"ludicrous speed"
you watch too many movies.
jk lol

Krugsy3039d ago

LOL... Well, I do study them, critique them, and make them (kinda) for a living. So yeah, its fair to say I watch too many :)

Krugsy3039d ago

What did I ever do to you that deserves such contempt? lol

I think games are are NOT of the devil. Surely that alone proves i'm not that hack.

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ProjectVulcan3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

What? Metal Gear Rex seems perfectly sensible when you look at other programs the military has invested in...:-o

Winged tanks? Flying aircraft carriers? Tsar tank? Cannon scooter? Hamsterball tanks? etc etc heh

moparful993039d ago

Exactly. Who in there right mind thought that a ship that could sink itself and stay under for undetermined amounts of time, fire nukes and various other warheads, spy on other countries, and circumvent the globe multiple times would be not only be real but practical? I think rex is very plausible, besides nukes are only dangerous once they are armed so the falling over and blowing up point wasnt well thought out....

BX813039d ago

Imagine they made a game about the ambiguously gay duo! Now that vehicle would ludicrous!

ChronoJoe3039d ago

They said Kingdom Hearts is Childish, and metal gear rex sucks.

I no like. :P

LeonSKennedy4Life3039d ago


Axel is awesome. I don't care how unrealistic he is.

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