So Who Is Kinect For Exactly?

MCV: "GAMESCOM: Microsoft seems a little undecided about whether or not Kinect will be sold to its hardcore audience.

Microsoft’s mixed message over its ambitions to market the Kinect motion cameras to the traditional hardcore Xbox 360 audience continues."

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rroded2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

lol sry couldnt help myself.

“I believe a large slug of the core community will love Kinect for 360,” European VP for Xbox 360 interactive business Chris Lewis told Eurogamer.

i doubt this very much at least until you show em the games.


For those that hate it...obviously...lulz =P

Acquiescence2978d ago

It's for those who like to keep their arms busy.

8-bit2978d ago

Kinect is for every one on youtube to laugh at.

gaffyh2978d ago

I can only think of it as "For people who had/have/want a Wii and don't like it because of it's casual-ness, so MS wants you to buy Kinect, and not like it for it's casual-ness"

Because definitely is NOT for hardcore gamers.

2978d ago
LordStig2978d ago

It's for those who like to keep their arms busy.

Dude i could have a [email protected] and be more entertained then using that lol :D

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catguykyou2978d ago

Kinect is not for me. Neither is Move though. If the Wii had the option to never use the motion controls, I'd opt out of them too.

StanLee2978d ago

You're partly right and that's a huge demographic. I find a huge disconnect between the internet and gaming media and the real world. Many people I've talked to at local GameStops are excited for Kinect, especially Dance Central. The GameStops' at Court Street, Park Slope and South Street Seaport in New York have already filled pre-orders for their expected shipments. It's amazing how people are enthused for the peripheral. I found the same disconnect when the Wii launched. It was dismissed by the internet and gaming media but look at the real world success. Similarly, the continued success of the XBox 360 which defy industry expectations. Don't dismiss something because you aren't fond of it or those it appeals to. The real world divide in the gaming industry is huge. Take for example Mass Effect 2 going to the PS3. I spoke to friends who have played the game and they weren't even aware that the game wasn't on the PS3. It's become almost accepted that most games are on both consoles. For those people who don't live on the internet, and that's a huge group, they seem to be above the pettiness just by being ignorant.

PJF_Josh2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

There does tend to be a disconnect between the N4G, 24/7 Gaming enthusiast and the real world. The Wii is the perfect example. We seem to expect that the general public follows this information at least half as much as we do when the reality is far different.

Go to your local GameStop, Best Buy or WalMart and stand around browsing for a while, you'd be shocked by some of the questions people ask. I know I am every time I do it. The general consumer isn't nearly as educated as we are when it comes to games. This is why smart marketing (which Microsoft tends to be very good at) is so crucial and will often trump what we see as common sense.

ocnkng2978d ago

No one is expecting Kinect to not have sales. Most users criticizing Kinect in the N4G forums actually expect Kinect to sell very well precisely because of the sort of people you described. However when it comes to Kinect being an effective gaming peripheral/controller mechanism for hard core AAA titles, then it FAILS miserably. Its just that the conscious and knowledgeable gaming community can see through big money M$ and their media accomplice's bag of tricks.

marinelife92978d ago

Did that guy just say Joyride was for the hardcore community?

diatom2978d ago

Judging by the comments it seems to be for n4g users with only one bubble.

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Omega42978d ago

For people who don't own a 360 and just want to have fun.

LeonSKennedy4Life2978d ago

Does someone else want to tell him or should I?

Pennywise2978d ago

We need to just start ignoring him. I will lead the way and practice what I preach, but first: Fun DOES NOT = Frustrating inaccurate controls.

redDevil872978d ago

Leon don't tell him. He needs to learn to think before he types lol.

LeonSKennedy4Life2978d ago

Well, hey redDevil87! What's up?

Actually, how is EVERYONE doing? You guys having a good Friday?

Bellcross2978d ago

uhm, don't you need a 360 to play Kinect genius?

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mcstorm2978d ago

I agree with you. MS has said since E3 time after time that kinect is aimed at the young gen girls and familys to bring them onto the 360 and then they will bring out the hard core games early next year.

MS did not say alot between E3 09 and E310 about Kinect or the games and have not shown much of the hard core games because Kinect on release is aimed at the none core.

I dont get how people are not seeing it. I also dont get why people think something is no good because it is not what they are into.
So far all the people who have been to see Kinect and did not like the type of games from the start dont play the game the way it is meant to and just say it is crap yet the people who are interested in the games on show love it because they play it the way it is meant to be played.

Why dose every one on here care who say they dont like Kinect put something on here to say how bad it is just because you dont like the type of games shown.
Kinect will be a bit hit in the UK and USA I know Gamestation in manchester have stopped taking preorders for the release date because they have sold out for that day.
Yes Kinect is not for the hard core at the start but it is for the family to pay together.
If you dont like it fine dont comment and go and look at the hard core games and comment on them.
Before any one calls me a fan boy or a none gamer I am far from it I have 360 PS3 Wii Dreamcast PSP amiga 32 and a highend pc so I play games alot but I also pay games with the family too so I can see the good and bad in Kinect.

btk2978d ago

Family of two... yay....
Simply - MS promised all kinds of voodoo, and now the accuracy sucks - hence the sudden PR BS that it is for casuals and family. Truth is the device is not living up to the hype, and now the spinning of weak points to make it look as if it is intentional. It is not a bug - it is a feature. Yeah right.

mcstorm2978d ago

Yes It only plays 2 active players at one but his desined as jump in jump out. All the games use full body movements so you can get away with the jump in jump out part.

Again you are not looking at the bigger picture yes Natal did offer more than Kinect has at them moment but it has been down to cost but you will find Kinect 2 will be just like Natal.

The Media side to Kinect works well and so do all the games I have seen for it that are being release in November.
Yes harry potter looks poor but it is a game in development.

There have been aload of videos of GT5 showing up on this site to show problems with the game yet every comes out and says the game is still in development so it will be fixed by the time it comes out well this is the same for the Kinect games.
I am not saying Kinect will change the way we play games or that it will have amazing hard core games for it but I can see past the posts and videos of this site and can see what Kinect can offer if it has the right mind behind it.

Infernostew2978d ago

That's called "going outside".

outrageous2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

The casual gamers have pushed the Nintendo Wii to 70++ million. I suspect the 360 will be next, starting this holiday to reach those lofty goals.

LOL at these PS3 kids in a panic over Kinect. Whats wrong guys...your welcome to buy yourselves a 360 and join in on the fun. After all how long can you play this " hardcore game " for Sony Move...LMFAO

mcstorm2978d ago

Lol I have not seen this Video before or the game. Do they really expect people to buy this all he is doing is moving the dildo up and down.

I dont think Move is a bad device but if your a mum who is going out and buying a console for the family Move looks just like the wii yes it is more advanced but for some one who is not into tech they will look at the wii or 360 because it is something different.

I really think Kinect will leave Move in the distance as it adds nothing new to the ps3 because it dose the same things as the standard controller dose for 99% of the Games that use move.

But you are right on the mark MS have now got tow of the biggest gaming countries hocked on the 360 in USA and UK and they are happy with that the are now looking to grow the 360 user base to the wii market with Kinect and I think they will pull it off and alot better than more people think.

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MoneyMeng2978d ago

fable 3 will barely use kinect...harry potter is the most hardcore looking game that utilizes it, and that game looks terrible with kinect support..

the only thing fun about kinect IS MAKING FUN OF IT...LOL

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