Full List of Sony GamesCom 2010 Announcements

Want all of Sony's GamesCom 2010 announcements in one place? Here's a quick and easy rundown of all the announcements.

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alien6262673d ago

sorry didnt really pay attention to Gamescon mostly the Sony stuff but did M$ attended Gamescom? if they did what announcements they revealed?

Blacktric2673d ago

I'm really happy for all PS3 fans. It's another great year to own a PS3 but all of these new games are blowing off my wallet away.

Greek God2673d ago

i hope the great years will continue^^

ernsttco2673d ago

The playstation brand has been giving us wow moments since its inception. I expect the ps3 to be the center of my media hub for years to come.

GodHandDee2673d ago

is an understatement
unless of course you consider the amazing game that was on rails Harry POTTER! 0-0

i kid i kid

Ju2673d ago

But that "lagged" behind. Quite a bit. LOL

Blacktric2673d ago

You don't have to troll you know. It's a widely known fact that Microsoft is purely focused on Kinect this year and it's very unfortunate for us, hardcore gamers. But I'm pretty sure they're going to learn their lesson when they see how Kinect failed because of its price tag and because of its target audience. Hopefully they'll value their exclusive games along with multiplatform ones next year.

asyouburn2673d ago

i have friends that want it so bad, and im like"what games will you buy" and they tell me they just want it for the "novelty" of the device. wait. . . what? novelty? that junk is like 150 bucks!!!

Biggest2673d ago

Kinect may not fail in a market sense. But is has, to this point, failed core gamers and casual gamers alike.

ranma68992673d ago

except everything being released to eruope only not usa

GodHandDee2673d ago


that is all

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The story is too old to be commented.