GC2010: Call of Duty: Black Ops Live Stream

Ironstar: If Call of Duty: Black Ops isn't your most anticipated FPS of the Fall -- well, then it just isn't. With a lack of FPS(s) in general for this concluding year, this Fall will leave you with not so many options in that genre.

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FanOfGaming3036d ago

It would be extremely cool if they could eliminate stupid as* campers by giving the apposing team an R/C car if the enemies get too comfortable.

HSx93036d ago

I hope you aren't being serious because if you are, then you need to learn more about game balancing.

redDevil873036d ago

says on the page the show is over =\

HSx93036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I think you can watch the recorded interview

then look at the bottom and click on that Asian looking guy holding a microphone...

They talk about:

-Diving Mechanics
-Player Customization
-3 killstreak RC
-Modding for PC
-Hacking on Consoles/PC

Motorola3036d ago

The guy interviewing them is lagging when the guys from Treyarch arent LOL

East_Coast3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

The only interesting part about the whole interview was over the issue of R/C car 3KS and that they could change it and nothing is set in stone. Great news and it seems that Trey is a lot more flexible than IW. They didn't talk about any elements of the MP.

The issue over the dive to prone was explained that there will be a time delay like when you switch to your secondary and that will prevent the dive-dropshot so no worries.

The more details that slowly start to leak out the more I'm liking the idea of Trey being in charge of COD franchise. Can't wait to test it out and hopefully it lives up to the hype.

Oh and they had that old army dude there who did most of the talking. lol

jdktech20103036d ago

To be fair, it helps that they're still a studio and not in shambles and in court....that probably had something to do with it.

We'll have to see...I'm trying to not get my hopes up but they're saying all the right things. Show me all the right things on September 1st and they might have a sale

East_Coast3036d ago

That had to do with just two of IW staff the rest of the studio was still mostly in tact. Point being there were enough people and resources at the time to repair most of the issues with MW2 if they wanted.

jdktech20103036d ago

Actually they lost over half of that staff as people left. It wasn't just West and Zampella (think that's the guy's name). They're in shambles right now but starting to rebuild

Soldierone3036d ago

Even if there was "time" to do it and so forth. Activision straight up told IW to eff themselves money wise. They took most of the money, and owe IW millions. Not just cus MW2 sold well, but because without IW COD would suck and be gone by now. You honestly think anyone at IW wants to waste their time on "updating" a game they are not getting paid for? For a company that told them to suck it or leave? no.

Treyarch would do the exact same thing if it happened to them, and being activision it probably will.

And you can like Treyarch being "in charge" but what have they honestly done to innovate anything with COD? Even when IW made it modern they still stuck with WWII, something people didnt want. If Treyarch was always in charge of this franchise we would still be milking the WWII genre and we wouldnt have this godly like multi player either.

3036d ago