Sony Wants To Know About Your Girl and Bathroom

"After a nice nine hour sleep, Nick from decided to check his email as normal to find a survey request from PlayStation. Now I know what your thinking "Why is Nick posting another survey?" and he originally had not planned to do so, until he saw what questions they were asking."

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Nick2120042959d ago

While taking this survey I could not help but wonder why Sony was asking these questions.

Cloudberry2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

PSP related.

There's an article on Gamepro about PSP users, with 44% male & 17% female.

"That PSP statistic, however, takes the cake as far as surprises go, with 17 percent of teen females stating they play Sony's portable compared to 44 percent of the males polled.

Given the lack of traction the system has had in the marketplace, it's surprising the company isn't actively advertising towards females to gain a greater market share amongst the gender.

Maybe Sony picked the wrong kid to do its new PSP marketing campaign."

That & maybe how PSP would be more comfortable played in the bathroom anyway.


Although, I never take the poll just yet, so I don't know it even PSP related, lol.

Wardog13682959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Think about it, 17% of the females that took it said they played psp.
While only 44% of the males that took it said they played psp.

I may have misread what you were getting at though?

MicroSony4Life2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Question 1. Do you ever get the urge to play God of War while doing a #2.

Question 2. Does your girl nag you while your playing KZ2 - would the bathroom be a place you would concider hiding from her.

Question 3. Ask you girl what color PS3 she would prefer in the bathroom.

Qestion 4. What name would you give the portable PS3.

Question 5. If you had to live with only one of the follwoing which one would you choose.

Toilet paper

Thank you for participation.


nickjkl2958d ago

omg i loled at question number two

Question 2. Does your girl nag you while your playing KZ2 - would the bathroom be a place you would concider hiding from her.

El_Colombiano2959d ago

Do you understand the size of that girl if everything in that image were considered proportional?

MicroSony4Life2959d ago

The PS3 in the pic is bigger than my toilet.

Theonik2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Cause they are watching you. O_O
Now to be serious there is many things to note in the survey. At first it looks like they are trying to determine general info about the PS3 user-base but other questions seem to be more related on market research about next gen focus for either the PSP2 or PS4. In fact even the shaving cream brand question is important because depending on the answer one can know a lot about what you prefer on a product as a consumer.
Edit: I'd go with the PSP successor survey more. Or they are trying to get a new marketing direction for casuals.

Ares84PS32959d ago

Why do they need to know what kind of razor or shaveing cream I use??? Is the next PSP going to give me a shave or something?? Or will tell me which girl to date??? I didn't get the point of this survey.

Theonik2958d ago

Look above about what the razor question means. They probably have a different question for females obviously.

itsralf2959d ago

My guess is that since they're about to have their fifteen-year anniversary, they're going use this information to make some commercial or time-line of the last fifteen years of your life and PlayStation. Something like that. Possibly.

Playerz82959d ago

Ya I could see some like Kevin Butler commercial where he shaves as he talks about Gran Turismo 5 or LittleBigPlanet 2.

120FPS2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

come on there is No point asking Sony fans anything about girls really except maybe perhaps Xena princess warrior

Shadow Flare2959d ago

Says the person who named his 360 'Diana'

rdgneoz32959d ago

First kiss? Good thing they added N/A.

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