GamesCom'10: Vanquish Gameplay Footage

Gamersyde writes: "Here we are back at the Gamescom's press room for our last few hours in Cologne before going back to Paris, with a few late videos to put online. Let's start with Vanquish, with the same demo as E3."

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specialguest2919d ago

I'm a little concern about the ememy AI. They sure looked stupid. At 1:50 point of the video, you run towards a wall and take cover, while the enemy runs towards your direction. you shoot him continually as he runs towards your right side and passes you about 15-20ft away, and finally turns around to attack you.

Rikitatsu2919d ago

If you concentrate, you will see the enemy stumbling because he was shot at his leg, that's actually an impressive showing of animation, not a weak AI.

crematory2919d ago

but my only concern the replay value , i'm scared of 5 hours gameplay

Rikitatsu2919d ago

That the game will aprrox. be 10 hours long.

asyouburn2919d ago

into bayonetta, im sure this will be about the same, content-wise

Rikitatsu2919d ago

Not to mention, Mikami's games always have insane replay value.

JohnApocalypse2919d ago

Well Bayonetta was 15+ hours long so you never really know

despair2919d ago

As long as the cheesy(headache inducing) music from baynetta is absent in this I'll be a little happier(too late for the cheesy dialog).

Gameplay looks interesting though.

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GusBricker2919d ago

Really shitty voice acting, this game is going to kick major ass.

Old_Boss2919d ago

the only cons i can see is
1- bad VA
2-game length [i hope the single player campaign is as addicting as UC1&2's]

i also hope that there will be a lot of customization of weapons and the suit

e-p-ayeaH2919d ago

"Vanquish" really focus on the gameplay like many retro games like the "Contra" series.

AllroundGamer2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

i have the feeling they should have used the breakdance shooting bulletdodge move from Bayonetta, would fit in allright :)

Darkfiber2919d ago

Looks a little gimmicky but it could be cool. We'll see when the reviews come.

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