GamersByNature: LittleBigPlanet2 Has Set the Bar of What a Sequel should Be

Branchedout at GamersByNature writes:

Every news article I read concerning LittlebigPlanet 2 sends me into a joyous nerdgasm full of delight like no other. Even news of Castle Crashers FINALLY having a release date on PS3 (something I’ve been harping about for over a year) pales in comparison to LBP2 news! And that’s an accomplishment, MM. Your hard work will no doubtedly make other companies think if they’d want to say whatever they come out with is a “sequel” or not.

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RuneZ2675d ago

its always good for games to set a new bar and from what ive heard about LBP2 i have agree.. It has a new bar.
Im definitely getting it as soon as it is released. already set the money aside for it.

Redrum0592675d ago

it has also set the bar for user creator content games.

SeanRL2675d ago

and awesome limited editions!

KiRBY30002675d ago ShowReplies(2)
East_Coast2675d ago

The teasers so far have really impressed me; the level of imagination is just stunning. Didn't get the first one but will definitely be picking this up.

GiantJedi2675d ago

I can't wait for LBP2!!!! I <3 the first one and preordered the collectors eddition!!!!

ChronoJoe2675d ago

And it's funny because LBP is a game that a lot of people, questioned warrant of a sequel. Believing they could add, little more.

Focker-4202675d ago

I was one of those people. I love LBP but I didn't really know where they could take it. Then I saw it, and my brain went into overload. To this day I'm still in shock.

ChronoJoe2675d ago

I was one of the people saying LBP2 should scrap layers and go 3D. I would love this kind of flexibility within a true-3D enviroment. I guess it's just a dream of mine to see the platformers of my childhood, again. Or platformers like them anyway.

Biggest2675d ago

Maybe LBP3 will be able to make the move to full 3D environments. But I would think that the amount of content that we know is on the way would make for very few people expecting even more. I won't be able to use everything they're giving me to begin with. It would be plain greedy and stupid to already want more.

ChronoJoe2675d ago

Yeah man I definitely think this is a great sequel, and really is the best I could imagine possible to come out of a 2D layered environment. I just prefer 3D.

3D games may take simply too much work though, because it'd take more user-input to see your ideas come to fruition... almost all the technology would transfer over to 3D perfectly though. :)

iammason2675d ago ShowReplies(7)
redDevil872675d ago

Always good to know a sequel is a true sequel, not a 1.5.

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The story is too old to be commented.