A 360 offer that almost makes the Elite 360's obsolete is now offering a new Xbox 360 with 20GB of hard drive space including an HDMI and a price cut of $50. These new 360's have a quieter fan and an extra heatsink added to prevent the dreaded RROD which first and second generation 360 owners have been faced with.

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So many different xbox 360s!! head going to explode! why microsoft, why??

SuperSaiyan44058d ago

Elite has 100gb more hard drive space...I doubt it can be made 'obsolete'.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4058d ago

do they have falcon chip yet so i can buy one -.-

TriggerHappy4058d ago

nope, anything but the falcon, i think

Bill Gates4058d ago

The 360's are NOT selling well, and Amazon wants the hunk of crap OUT of their warehouses.....AAHAHAHHAHA

Just how many 360 SKU's are there now. I've lost count.....AAHAAHHAHAHHA

Lucky for me I KNOW they all SUCK!!!...AAAHAHAHHAA

scarlett_rg4058d ago

It seems unlikely that "Bill Gates" would say things like that about his own system...

Maybe you should change your Avatar name to "Just-crawled-out-of-Sony 's-ass", and use a picture of a turd-covered c0ckroach.

Or maybe you should just stfu.

kn4058d ago

Don't underestimate that extra 100 gigs. Excepting the fact that 100 bucks for 100 gigs isn't really a very good deal, the XBOX live marketplace has been delivering so many demos that I filled my 20 gig drive in nothing flat. I now wish that I had bought an elite instead. At some point I will probably buy the 120 upgrade when it is a bit more "reasonable" Microsoft really should have cut it to two skus, though, and upped the size of all hard drives. Or something. Too many skus.

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The story is too old to be commented.