UNICO Denies Italians Were in Mafia, Demand Take-Two Change History

Take-Two Interactive recently received a letter from UNICO National, an Italian-American service organization, demanding that the publisher delay Mafia II’s release until they are able to take out all references to Italians and Italian-Americans. Read all about this stupidity when you click the clickey.

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HelghastKid3037d ago

LMAO these guys need to give it a rest, 2K isnt changing a damn thing

rroded3037d ago

when they wake up with the head of a horse next to em...

HelghastKid3037d ago

Lmao no these guys are trying to break the imaginary fact that italians are offended by being asked if they are related to the mafia :p actually i wouldnt be surprised if these guys are actually from the mafia and just dont want people knowing about there plans lol