Is PS3 3D gaming worth the money?

God, the 3D Bravia's attractive. Sleek, shiny, bleeding edge; she'd be my mid-life crisis if I wasn't in my 20's. (I'm aiming to be a medically-assisted centurion for my real one, by the way. On a Harley Davidson).

Only problem is, this was an empty, gratis arrangement. A come-back-for-more tease. A free, exhilarating dose of entertainment smack. Sony has taken her away from me, mumbling something about a 'press trial'. Bloody pusherman.

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InfectedDK2986d ago

Erh yes..
Why wouldn't it be?
Is a Ferrari worth the money?? (I'm not lucky enough to have one though but I'm pretty sure it was worth the money if I had one)

sikbeta2986d ago

Love it or Hate it, 3D is here to Stay

GT5 3D FTW!!!
MotorStorm:Apocalypse 3D FTW!!!

shoddy2986d ago

Just like people can't tell the different between 720p and 1080p cause they don't even have a bluray player with 1080p tv.

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Christopher2986d ago

Only to those with the money, IMHO. I think it's necessary to go through our current stage of 3D media if we want it to progress to a point where it can become a household staple, but that will take 10 years or so. If people don't invest in it now, it's unlikely we will see it become a common staple for many many more years, if at all.

nikola9872986d ago

Can I be rich as you? :(

blackpanther252986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

and you will never ask that question again

Lou-Cipher2986d ago

MotorStorm:Pacific Rift is what convinced me to buy a 3D TV. Saw it at a Sony Style Store and was blown away.

Im definetly picking up a 3D TV in time for Gran Turismo 5. (November 2)

milohighclub2986d ago

motorstorm didn't impress me but i love stardust and wipeout...

blackpanther252986d ago

i wasn't impressed by SSHD and Wipeout but Motorstorm really got me. I didn't even like Motorstorm before but as soon as i played it in 3D....i feel in love lol. The dirt kicking in your face, the depth perception(thats what i liked about avatar the movie), when you jumps of hills it really felt like you went off a hill

milohighclub2986d ago

yeah thats what i'm loving about avatar the game it has full stereoscopy 3d, the game is crap (its better playing as rdf over na'vi) and i normally wouldn't of bought it due to it being a license but i love shooting the water at different points, instead of it just getting bigger n smaller depening where you shoot it, you can actually see how far away from you it is.

AK462986d ago

Not until next spring when KZ3 comes out, then it will be worth every penny.

tplarkin72986d ago

I could understand saying certain things in off-the-cuff speech. But, when you type an article, you have time to reflect on your words. I would have hit the backspace key 3 times after I typed the first word.

Greek God2986d ago

Will 3d be it ..?!
..i trust in Sony

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