Prestige Spoiled My Multiplayer

When I played my first multiplayer shooter, it was a much more straight forward affair, it involved little more than sitting in a room with my mates, playing Quake 2 or Duke Nukem split screen, passing the controller between ourselves each time someone was beaten, and laughing a lot.

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RuneZ3038d ago

i must say i hate the prestige within multiplayer. I have a nasty habbit of being stupid when playing with mates, thats why i play multiplayer. people have become fixated on prestige now so my mates see my profile and i become a joke because of my low prestige scores. then there is my little brother who has un-used player in the game and he rakes in a big prestige and my mates hail him as a god?
personally prestige should be for online. for your hardcore players and your multiplayer should be for fun with mates.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3037d ago


BryanBegins3037d ago

Competitive multiplayer online changed gaming. But some days, I'm not sure it was for the best. For instance, I gave up playing plunder in Uncharted 2 cause 80% of the time, someone will leave the game as soon as it's 2-0 for the other team. And being one less is a serious disadvantage in a 5v5 game, especially versus good players. Just because you were "unlucky" to be put in a weaker team doesn't mean you should quit!

It's too bad people are taking the game so seriously these days. It does take away from the fun experience sometimes.

lazysey3037d ago

I guess this guy's never heard of a 10th prestige lobby.

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