FRESH FRIDAY: Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

Another Friday, another new release, and this week we’re talking about IO interactive’s Kane and Lynch sequel, Dog Days.

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showtimefolks2985d ago

i mean you had a decent 1st game and they could have made the 2nd a much much better game....and what we got is the same online modes along with a 4 hour story,,i mean come on they were working on this game for 2 years so that means 20-25 million in devolpment cost,,,,while uncharted 2 took 18months it shows the talent some studios have and other with resources just don't.

it was simple

improve the graphics
better story longer and less cursing
improve online so it won't lag and maybe add a mode or 2
improve shooting whihc they have done a bit
improve cover system
new camera style s good but i rather have great graphics with no filters

if i can figure it out why can't these devs who get paid to do so