The Hyperkin Retron3

In just a few minutes, I could be playing any of a few thousand Nintendo games ranging from the horrible Japanese Star Wars game to Super Mario Bros. 3, thanks to the magic of ROMs. But what about all those beautiful, seemingly indestructible (but always dusty) game cartridges from the heyday of 8 and 16-bit games that so many of us have stored in a plastic tote in our closets? I don’t know about you, but many of my consoles bit the dust years ago; some from the abuse that comes with overuse, others from neglect.

Here comes Hyperkin’s Retron3 to the rescue! In a long-past day, this gleaming, red and grey piece of electronics would’ve been smashed in a public ceremony, an abomination to be declared a harbinger of the end times. Sega and Nintendo fanboys alike would have shunned it for associating with the enemy (if licensing could’ve ever allowed its existence).

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joeyda3037d ago

It looks sweet, but it makes me feel dirty.

MattG-PTB3037d ago

A shame it doesn't support some of the more advanced specialized games.

joeyda3037d ago

Right, but it seems like it could be a nice base...

piratesyar3037d ago

That problem seems endemic to the other retro consoles as well.