Unreasonable GamerCast: Episode 7

Unreasonable Gamers: "GamesCon is over so its time for TheShape108 and Velius to break down what they saw and what they heard at Europe’s biggest gaming convention. They kick things off with the gamer-centric Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World movie review. After that its the bits as they talk about Kinect, Kane and Lynch, Suda51’s new game, Bioshock Infinte’s Deep Cleavage, Respawn’s new game, and Atlus’s journey into pants shitting terror known as Cathrine.

After that it’s what you been playin with StarCraft II and The Godfather II.

Then its GamesCon as they talk about Mass Effect 2 on PS3, Dragon Age 2, Resistance 3 and the new Ratchet and Clank, the New(er) Cole, LBP2 and its sheer amount of awesomeness, GT5’s also sheer amount of awesomeness, and finally Killzone 3’s new multiplayer types.

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