PlayStation Move preview on PS3

Play3-Live posted one of the first official preview of the PlayStation Move for PS3, with two videos of live tests. According to them, the PS Move offers a really great accuracy, whatever the moves you make.

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HeroXIV3036d ago

The table tennis game is why I'm buying Move on launch (comes on the demo disc!). :) It's so accurate and it detects power as he demonstrates in the video. Cheaper than buying a table too! :O

xYLeinen3036d ago

Wow that is accurate. I never played table tennis on the Wii so I don't know how the Move compares to that, but this looks incredible. Doesn't have much delay either.

Personally I can't wait to get hands on with Move and a FPS.

Elite_7373036d ago

With Wii Sports, the tennis was basically a waggle fest. Swing left or right, thats all it detected. Based on the timing of the swing, the ball would go left or right. With Wii Sports Resort (wii motion plus), it detected the paddle orientation. But even then, all it boiled down to was forehand, backhand, and limited spins. And again, timing to determine the ball to go left or right.

With Sports Champions, since the PS move can give the actual X, Y, Z position data AND orientation. You can get full control just like real ping pong. You dont have to rely on timing to aim the ball, and you can pull off any kind of spin you want.

If you play this on the hardest difficulty with real physics, you'd probably get good at ping pong in real life.

blusoops3036d ago

If u want a "move" fps. Don't know how well it'll work, but the game itself is pretty awesome!

I'll be getting move day one for mag and sports champions and under siege.

ChozenWoan3036d ago

2 moves and a Navi PrePurchased just for MAG.

Gonna kill me some DS3s... ohh yea!

Clarence3036d ago

Sony is on fire. Playstation Move won best hardware at Gamescon.

DarkSpawnClone3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

This looks great lol table tennis owns.But i can't wait for Move + Killzone 3!!!

bomboclaat_gamer3036d ago

especially a free copy of killzone 3 when its released

hacked ps3 ftw

Redempteur3036d ago

could talk about that in the numerous others thread dedicated to this ?

not every PS3 owner care about that and everyone is talking about move

Scotland-The-Brave3036d ago

Ignore him. Hes just a pissed off petty fanboy. Hes been going in every ps article saying that hea going to steal all the ps3 games lol

ChozenWoan3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

better save up that allowance for a year Billy Boy.

ohh and don't forget to pirate ME2 when it comes out in 2011. We know you've already beat it on your modded Xbox years ago, but you'll enjoy the complete version more. lol

Apotheosize3036d ago

That is amazingly accurate. I wouldnt say its completly lag free, but its as close as anythings going to get with motion controls, looks like around 30ms which is pretty huge.

Perjoss3036d ago

The fact that they show game objects tracked into your hands shows how accurate move is. I do a lot of manual camera and object tracking at work and sometimes it can be very hard to get it looking right, it's very impressive that move does it on the fly.

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The story is too old to be commented.