Merry Maddenoliday

August 14, 2007...

The annual event known to all armchair quarterbacks is here again! Maddenholiday Eve is upon us!

Throw out your books and spreadsheets and grab on to a cold one and your controller boys! Tell your boss to shove it (or perhaps tell him that pesky summer cold has come back... sniffle.. sniffle...)...

Its almost release day for Madden 2008 and nothing else in life matters!

Come midnight, its just you and your franchise mode... building an early lead on gaining the required skills to take down any friend or virtual friend that gets in your way of world football domination...

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jinn4061d ago

me and millions more celebrate haloliday. lol

Rooftrellen4061d ago

But isn't it the same basic idea?

Sit around and play a game that's not very different from what you played before?