Killzone 3 - 5 minutes of HD-footage from Gamescom built

Videogameszone is showing an exclusive video from pre alpha code footage of Killzone 3 for PS3.

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NYC_Gamer3010d ago

Killzone 3 looks beautiful and its only in the early stages

zeeshan3010d ago

That's not HD! Someone is playing the game in HD but that's recorded using a cam! Title's misleading!

inveni03009d ago

I hate it when they do that. They did the same with inFamous on another article. It's HD footage of a game being played...not HD footage of the game itself. Reported for bad editing.

Elvfam5113009d ago

I wish I knew every language on this planet so i can understand videos like this... Epic Mic For A Epic Game

TheObserver3010d ago

Laggy German sites, yet again.

AK463010d ago

looks awesome as usual. I think they must be hard up for space in that studio there in. lol

The_Claw3010d ago

cant wait to see what the final build is going to look like

writersblock3009d ago

I really want to see the space mission 0_o


dont show me.. I want it to be a surprise :P

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