The Ultimate Gaming Setup: X360/PS3/PC and Wii

Still wondering what type of set up you should get for your newly acquired 360 ? or Do you want the ultimate gaming setup in preparation for upcoming must have games for the X360 such as PGR4 ? then don't stop reading continue.

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FirstknighT4054d ago

Would this work with a FPS like Halo 3?

Real Gambler4054d ago

Somehow,you need some extra coding in the game software to be able to link 4 consoles together and show a different view point in each consoles.

It's really easy coding though, so maybe it could be added to Halo, but somehow, I do think it's way more usefull in racing games.

What's interesting, is the fact that some of that code seem to already be in some actual racing game (Forza 2!). I would go for only two screens, buying a very cheap one for my rearview. Otherwise, it's just a great photoshop job for those old games : )

djt234054d ago

i dont think so because it look like they built it for racing games

TriggerHappy4054d ago

Anyone guessed how much this will cost ? :)

LOFT3164054d ago

More than the average gamer can afford

Expy4054d ago

Kind of a bit too much... And... will how long will the games even run in a non-properly cooled room?

NoiseBringer4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Comon man, who would actually buy this, you can aford a car for that...
But where are the towels??? :)))))
Aha lol, there are 4 xbox and only 3 LCD-s, i case that one get red ring... :)))))

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The story is too old to be commented.