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Splinter Cell Conviction producer: "PS3 can't handle AI nearly as well as the 360"

A developer from Ubisoft, you know, the same people that said Naruto for the 360 can only be done on the 360, have let another one loose. However this time, the wii gets a piece of the action.

In a recent interview with Gameplayer.com.au, Splinter Cell Conviction producer and technical director Dany Lepage had this to say.

"It's NEVER gonna come out on the PS3 or the Wii." It's a logical decision. Nintendo's console simply doesn't have the graphical horsepower, and he candidly told Gameplayer.com.au how the PS3 can't handle AI nearly as well as the 360. (PS3, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, Wii, Xbox 360)
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MK_Red  +   2937d ago
Yeah right, before EA had 25% shares in Ubisoft, SC4: Double Agent came out for every known platform aside DS I think. Why would they in their current state (With EA voting) NOT want to bring the game to PS3 and Wii? Even PS2, PSP and DS are possiblities.
Real Gambler  +   2937d ago
This is another comment we have to take with a grain of salt
C'mon, you have to watch a long video of an artist to finally hear him say "the village he is showing is so “DETAILED” no other platform could handle it, yes not even the PS3 or the Wii."
The game is a cartoon!!! There's no fight animation. If you talk to someone, you get a buble with a pictogram, and there's at one point you see a whooping 4 people on screen. 3 of them are standing still!

Sorry, but large world or not, this can easily be done on a Wii, but worst, it look like it can be done on any previous gen consoles!!!!

That's what you get when you take the comment from an artist (I admit some know a lot about the hardware, but many are just simply true artist...)
Silver360  +   2937d ago
MS brought this game
They announced months ago taht it would be a 360 exclusive.
nasim  +   2937d ago
SC looks like another cartoon EA trash and it cant be made for ps3??????????????????????????? /

CELL being 10x more powerful than watered down XENON cant handle AI better than XENON??????????????

in terms of sheer power


230gflops vs 70 gflops

nasim  +   2937d ago
JADE RAYMOND clarified her stance
She never said AI would be better on X360.
She said AI is easier to implement on x360 .
She said ps3 implements AI in a different way.

and she also said that the final products of both versions would be 100% identical.

However anything that uses 50% of ps3's power cannot be done on x360

supnub5  +   2937d ago
When will devs learn to keep their mouth shut
it is known that cell is more powerful, just look at capabilities of cell and look at xenon's, but i'm not bashing, if he wants a good Ai, why don't he look at Uncharted, that game has a lot better animation, better ai, and looks a lot more beautiful.
ip-student  +   2937d ago
Your all confused
The XBOX 360 CPU is superior when it comes to AI, the Cell is superior when it comes to physics. This has been known for a while. The new Splinter Cell seems to place more emphasis on AI - it is part of the game play. Therefore, you cannot do it on either Wii or the PS3. However, throw it on a PC and it would be easy. Just goes to show that MIPS does not give the whole story - anyone who thinks otherwise is just swallowing hype.
ZyKlOn  +   2937d ago
another developer paid off by M$.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$

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Jeremy Gerard  +   2937d ago
read: http://dpad.gotfrag.com/por...


Some of you are clearly brainwashed, you want so bad to believe the hype sony fed you about the cell being so powerful. Kids, the cell is powerful for things like folding at home, not running game code.(hint, most dual platform games look like crap on PS3, it cant half run UE3, and everything on it is delayed) Why would you believe the folks who have a reputation for over hyping and under delivering,just to get you to buy their products, over the word of a neutral company who is just saying the same thing that has been written in countless technical journals (if you just do research outside the gaming world you can find them)about the disadvantages of the cell. These guys are the developers! but I should believe some stupid brainwashed fanboy who refuses to see the truth even when it is sitting on his face. The denial is mind boggling, you kids are sad, grow the F up, no company or console is perfect. Known fact in the real world, PS3 is only more powerful on paper, in reality both consoles are about even in overall performance with a slight advantage to 360.
reaperxciv  +   2936d ago
this article pisses the crap off every sony fanboy...tsk tsk
gaffyh  +   2936d ago
LOL. PS3 can't handle AI??? Nevermind the fanboy comments, if a console can't handle AI it might as well be a paperweight. What the hell are these devs talking about??? They keep shooting themselves in the foot, if they think the PS3 can't handle AI then Haze and Assassin's Creed will probably have a pile of crap AI system.
Loudninja  +   2937d ago
Naruto? what is so complexed about that game? AC .Its just PR BS,not a thing about Naruto is complexed.
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rubarb23  +   2937d ago
i agree
I'm a 360 4 life guy, and i have to admit although i love hearing developers taking shots at the ps3, this is bs all the way. actually i'll be honest; i think any developer saying a certain game for either the ps3/360 not being possible on the other console is complete BS. The 360 can handle any game that's for the ps3 and the ps3 can handle any game that's for the 360.
statements like these are just used to hype a certain game or console, blah, blah, blah
tplarkin7  +   2937d ago
Jade Raymond says...
She said the same thing about Assassins Creed. The AI will be superior in the 360 version according to her. When will people learn that the PS3 isn't what Sony promised on paper? The 360 has proven to be more powerful everytime.
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Hatchetforce  +   2937d ago
It is precisely that - BS. The PS3 has hardware PPU capabilities for physics AND AI! Damn, how stupid can these people be? I love being a dual platform owner as each system has it's strengths but with hardware there for use, the PS3 could handle AI better. It amazes me how asinine these devs can be when they open their mouths.

If you have visited enough game studios, and some of us have worked in them, then you know a great deal of the time these trash talkers do not have dev kits from other consoles around. Basically they can talk out their ass and no one is the wiser. "Oh well, they are devs. They must know, right?" No.

On the PS3 you have to ability to run low level AI on the SPU and then as the AI reaches more involved tasks, specifically where the player enters close contact with them you can move this to the PPU and get the best hardware backing possible...IF YOU KNOW HOW THE PS3 WORKS, ACTUALLY HAVE ACCESS TO A PS3 DEV KIT AND DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE, AND ARE NOT A RUN OF THE MILL IDIOT THAT PRODUCES SOME OF THE MOST BRAIN DEAD AI LIKE WE HAVE SEEN IN PAST SPLINTER CELL GAMES.

When it comes to intelligent AI, Splinter Cell developers in Montreal and Shanghai really need to refrain from making comments. The name of their games can be summed up like this, 'Don't beat the game, just beat the by rote pattern.'
Ju  +   2937d ago
Jade Raymond
Is pretty...and I hope she knows how to code, too.

Only one thing: Lightning effects in KZ2. (Cell shades light. Do this with 3fixme).
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tplarkin7  +   2937d ago
You may be right, but...
We need to see some examples of the power of the PS3. That's all I'm saying. I have no clue regarding the technology of the Cell. All I know is what Sony promised and all I see is what Sony delivered. The 360 has proven to be the most powerful console, based on the games.
Gorgon  +   2937d ago
For those of you that DO have some memmory, I still remember when Assassin's Crees was only anounced for the PS3 yet and at that time the publicity was "only the power of the Cell and PS3 can run this game"...

Incredible what Microsoft's money can do, heh?
jromao  +   2937d ago
PS3 dumb ??
Or ... this developer don't know how to code in PS3 ?

That's most probably, all planet knows the power of PS3, if he said that title was developed to 360 and "we don't know" how to port it to PS3 then it would be close to true for sure.

CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2937d ago
Other developers said its easy to develop on PS3. This includes Capcom and Tecmo and some other forgot name.

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heroman711  +   2937d ago
D_U_I   2937d ago | Spam
TriggerHappy  +   2937d ago
According to him, the PS3 isn't smart enough to understand some complex stuff, the naruto stuff was the best though, i lol'ed
MK_Red  +   2937d ago
Agreed on Naruto, Big LOL.

Thank God they're just making a semi-yearly sequel to Splinter Cell, not a huge production like Assassin's Creed.
StrboyM  +   2937d ago
we will sell it to xbox fanboys first before we do a crappy port then sell it to ps3 fanboys.....cha-ching!!
reaperxciv  +   2937d ago
well business is business
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Idmpc  +   2937d ago
Sounds so much like...
...what they did with Splinter Cell Double Agent
Works slow but best than any other version on Xbox360, sucks badly on PS3 and crashes on most PCs
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2937d ago
This whole topic
is about Naruto?
heroman711  +   2937d ago
i no, they rather say 360 is better cause they can play naruto then stop a future flame war
Juevani  +   2937d ago
^^^couldnt say it better my self^^^
We'll see around March 2008 ;0)
beavis4play  +   2937d ago
right, in march of '08, when MGS4 is out, kojima should get Lepage and Raymond and bang their heads together because they are such goobers. then make both watch MGS to see how a game is made. ubisoft is just ripping off MGS with splinter cell and Naruto looks like a 16 bit game. and as far as AI is concerned, in one splinter cell screen, it has sam using a folding table as cover from bullets. i don't know if ubisoft knows this but-A FOLDING TABLE WON'T STOP BULLETS! so stop talking about your complicated, superior AI. it seems it's anything but.
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2937d ago
theMART and POG troops are approaching!

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Tackle990  +   2936d ago
WOW, 2 360 fanboys compared to the countless ps3 fanboys around here trolling the 360 stories.....
heroman711  +   2937d ago
the mart is dead to me.

this shouldnt be getting reviewed. the kocky 360 owners will be like "hell yeah ps3 sucks " and then ps3 owners will be all defensive and be like " no i dosent look at our lineup - lair, folklore, etc etc." huge flame war.

p.s. we dont know if lair sucks or not. only reason got a bad review by egm was cause they didnt have the latest build unlike play ppl who gave it a 9/10. so lets just wait to sep 4 and then say if it sucks or not
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heroman711  +   2937d ago
wait a minute. if ubisoft said this, isnt haze a ubisoft title and the ps3 is the lead format for that game ?
or is ubisoft the publisher ? im confused

p.s. i dont care for splinter cell games cause the last two sucked balls. Mgs4 looks better.

how is ps3 hard to develop for when ppl like ninja theory, konami, square enix, capcom, free radical, guerilla, etc can make games like ninja gaiden sigma, mgs4, finla fantasy 13 and vs, dmc4, haze, killzone 2 etc.
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MK_Red  +   2937d ago
If they were talking about games like Crysis, it was a bit acceptable that "they" couldn't get their complex code into the machine (But maybe someone else could). Even BioShock is acceptable thought PS3 seems well capable of both. When developer of two games that have gotten really bad buzz till now (SC5 got really bad reactions from Ubi days and many called its graphics Xbox1 looking. Naruto ROTN was totally ignored during E3).

The only real big and complex game coming from Ubisoft is Assassin's Creed and if a game that big, complicated and ambitious is coming to PS3, then these nagging devs are just really lazy or really dumb (Or both).
heroman711  +   2937d ago
couldnt say better myself
felidae  +   2937d ago
i think this is not true. maybe they can't handle the ps3 .. who knows?
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paracardium  +   2937d ago
some more lazy BS from Ubisoft... everyone else is started to utilize the ps3 except Ubisoft/EA it seems. Dragonballz looks better for ps2 then this Naurto.
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icdedppl  +   2937d ago
what has failed to be said is that AI is actual code written by the developer. it has nothing to do with the system. i mean, how many games come out for the pc that you have played and some have horrible AI and some don't. pc is the same "platform" accross the board. the only difference is the software that is written for it.

to say that the ps3 or wii can't handle certain GFX or AI just means that they won't code it or they don't know how to. there is an obvious lack of talent then if that quote is actually true.
illizit  +   2937d ago
Your are pretty much right on the money however, there are certain aspects to the hardware that allow a more direct way of coding specific AI codes. Such as collision detection, depending on the SDK (I have not seen Sony's) they may have easier ways of doing this sort of code such as through an API call, this in turn will allow more efficient coding which is something Ubisoft and EA love! (Less time, more money) However, the easier way is not always the best. I have always believed and seen (in my programming experience) that the harder it is, the better it CAN be. If you have very simple SDK's (Microsoft's XNA framework) yes, you can develop a game fairly quickly and easy however I can assure you it won't be able to do amazing animation, etc that looks anywhere near the ps3.
TheTruth89  +   2937d ago
PS3 can't handle this AI??? LOL how noob are these programmers?
SuperSaiyan4  +   2937d ago
For a Ubi rep to say something as stupid as that is insane, I think they need to concentrate more on developing decent games rather than just throwing poo in their own face.

Because think about it, they also develope games for the PS3...So if they have made such a complain it could mean they will just continue to make substandard PS3 games...

However looks like ALL their games of late are substandard...

They have NEVER got the Rainbow 6 games right on the Xbox even with the Unreal 3 engine the game STILL has the same problems as the very first Rainbow!
Retro-Virus  +   2937d ago
Actually what he's trying to say is since the PS-3 can have 1 dedicated core for A.I and may be even physics, they have to make sure the rest is synchronous with the other cores.

The gist - he finds parallel processing hard and gave up.
bootsielon  +   2937d ago
Well, so says ubisoft
And so says developer of exclusive game. That is natural, it makes the game sell more. What would you expect them to say?

"Yeah, I think we could port this game to PS3, but so far it's gonna remain exclusive. After all, Microsoft paid for this."

Anyway, he is a producer, not a programmer. His opinion is blatantly wrong. Heavenly Sword and Lair have not hundreds, but thousands of artificially intelligent agents.

Here's my prediction on what Xbox fanboys will say next:

"GENERAL PURPOSE, LOL". They'll talk about how the SPUs can't do AI very well, despite the fact that it was proven wrong (by a guy that works on Heavenly Sword, the same that provided some of the EDGE tools for optimizing Cell and RSX). They will COPY AND PASTE FUD from one of their favorite forums, and get tons of agrees from their fellow brethren (despite the fact that most of it, despite making sense to the ignorant, will be false, twisted, or just plain wrong).
candystop  +   2937d ago
Are you kidding me? Heavenly sword AI seems pretty boring so I wouldn't be trying to use that game as an example! All of you Sony clowns are in denial and it's funny to hear you all fight the truth daily lol!
SofaKingReetodded  +   2937d ago
I would sit this ahole down
and have em play through a couple of levels of Resistance and then ask him if the PS3 has weak AI.

what an idiot,they definitely have a beef with the PS3. I wonder why, could it be because double agent was an abosulte piece of dog poo for the PS3? lol
strongbad1441  +   2937d ago
i agree
resistance did have some good AI
Barrett  +   2937d ago
Why should the PS3 can´t handle the AI like the 360. I think the Cell in particular the SPU´s are powerful enough and also much more powerful than the Xenon in the 360.
AllroundGamer  +   2937d ago
never liked SC games, they are just a lame MGS ripoff, MGS FTW!!
zoibie  +   2937d ago
lol, hypocrites!
Ubisoft Montreal seem to have AI down extremely well on the PS3 in Assassins Creed! Crowd Reactions such as looking up at Altair hanging off of a wall or either helping or impeding Altair's escape. If the PS3 can do that, it would certainly be able to do SC!
FordGTGuy  +   2937d ago
Its already been said
that the Xbox 360 version of Assassin's Creed will have better AI then the PS3 version.
Gorgon  +   2937d ago
Thats great, because I still remember when Assassin's Creed was only anounced for the PS3 at that time the publicity was "only the power of the Cell and PS3 can run this game"...

Incredible what Microsoft's money can do, heh?
Xwow  +   2937d ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,naruto SC5 can,t be done on the ps3.
lol this is really JOKE OF THE YEAR...lol

and one more thing:qoute((The developer confirms that, the village he is showing is so “DETAILED” no other platform could handle it, yes not even the PS3 or the Wii).

lol..I bet he didn,t watch LAIR...HAHAHAHAHA,really joke of the year.
Marty8370  +   2937d ago
What A Load Of Bull.........
Everyone knows the PS3 is more powerfull than the 360. PS3's SPU's are well suited for AI, R:FOM is a good example.
SofaKingReetodded  +   2937d ago
I have had chimera, retreat, comeback in greater numbers, flank me, surround me, wait for walkers to move in before they attack, you name it.
You feel like you are actually in a war. couldn't say that about Gears or any other 360 game. and to be quite honest im sure a talented enough programmer could pull something impressive off on the 360 but why put in the time when PS3 provides with dedicated SPU's to code to your heart's content?
Ju  +   2937d ago
is doing tech training for other studios on the topic of cell programming. I'd say, these guys are pretty good at it. One tutorial even describes how to stream code ("code is just data") to use more the 256KB code for the spus. (So, for these guys already dropping out at this line - yeah for you the 3fix me is the right choice).
The point is, the SPUs are very powerful if you care to take the time to figure out how to use them. However, in todays world, it everybody can do a "CreateThread()" but has some trouble to post process opcode and write a code streaming and scheduler runtime environment to max out the spus. Later by next year, the PS3 will blow away the 360 when middleware will become available, which does volumetric lightning, fogging, clouds and what not. I am taking the bet. Ratchet and Clank Pixar style gfx, KZ2 DX10 equivalent rendering, and MGS4 ? Should I add more ? (Lair full 1080p rendering, and thousands of objects).
InMyOpinion  +   2937d ago
Great AI = Scripted enemies?
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2937d ago
About Splinter Cell
To know something about Splinter Cell see Pic

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midgard229  +   2937d ago
yeah seriously
i mean i didnt hear team ninja having a hard time with their AI and they have the best action game AI out there.

Hideo kojima is able to pull off crazy things like enemies being able to smell u if u were in a garbage, being able to shoot out lights so u cant see and so on. and im freakin sure that MGS4 has better AI than SC.

the dev's just suck and dont know how to port things, or how to work on the ps3. come on, they havent even made a good game in a long time. look how bad the prince of persia was. im hoping assasains creed will be good ;p
Daz  +   2937d ago
wow flood with ps3 fanboys that was quick lol beat the world record i think.

i havent even played coviction so im not judeing yet same with mgs4.
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sonarus  +   2937d ago
well the new splinter cell looks like crap to me but am sure it will still end up multiplat. naruto will fail significantly on the 360. They better find a way to downgrade it and port it to the ps2
gunnerforlife  +   2937d ago
wow his one stupid developer
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