How To Record HD PS3 Gameplay

Ever wanted to record that epic match you just experienced in Uncharted 2?

Ever needed to prove your skill at Super Street Fighter IV to your friends in Uganda?

Well, with a small investment and some patience you can hook your PS3 up to a PC and record it all for posterity. This how-to will detail one method of flooding YouTube with proof of your gaming greatness.

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GodsHand2978d ago

I use pretty much the same setup using the avertv hd dvr capture card which you can buy from $70-$100. Unfortunately you can not use the HDMI cable to record video movie, or game unless playing movie off the XMB. So you will need to use component to get the best possible quality video. The card itself has two HDMI inputs on for HD, the other for SD, and can capture audio as well, but only in stereo. In order to caputre video in 720p you will need a good CPU (I have an 3.4 Ghz dual core), plenty of ram (I have 4GB DDR2), and a raid0 configuration of atleast two HDD (7200 rpm). If you don't the video will be losing frames, and will seem choppy when viewed. For 1080 you will need atleast five HDD in raid0 configuration.

There are ways around the HDMI HDCP, but you will need to invest about another $300-$400 for the device, and you will need to caputre the audio seperate, which I have no idea how taxing the will be on a system to record video in one file, and audio in another. I hear/read that the xbox360 does not have this draw back of using HDMI to record.

You can check out some of the videos I've uploaded to you tube at here you can see the videos of some fottage that was captured using component, in 480, and 720. Not all the videos are 720, only the most recent.

My setup: PS3---Hdmi to TV, Component to Computer
Computer: AMD Athalon X2 6400 dual core
4 GB DDR2 Ram (G-Skill)
4 HDD (1 OS, 1 Extra Storage, 2 in raido configuration)
Nvidia GPU SLi XFX GT 9750 (not really needed for capture, as the capture card is CPU based, and does not encode video using the capture card.)

When I am going to record video, all I do is switch the video display via the display setting in the PS3, and when I dont capture, I switch it back to HDMI. This prevents me from having to manualy switch the cables.

AngryFork2978d ago

Thanks a lot for the write up, about to read this article also i've been interested in this stuff. Is there an article somewhere or screenshots that show the difference between HDMI and component?

I play HDMI right now so it's disappointing that that's not supported yet, but i'll go component if the quality is still great.

GodsHand2978d ago

This guy called Mr Deap made a video

He also has some information about recording using windows media encoder here

morganfell2978d ago

I have used the Black Magic Pro at home and at work and since getting a Hauppage PVR I haven't dreamed of going back. The Hauppage is the easiest method ever and will give you 720p capture.

Johnny Jiron2978d ago

Hauppage for sure. No need to upgrade hardware except for editing purposes. Otherwise I have it running through my Netbook most of the time:
Alan Wake:
Uncharted 2:

...My Channel (plug:P)...

GodsHand2978d ago

I thought about getting BlackMagic Pro, but it has the same limitations of the Avertv one, and it cost twice as much. Don't get me wrong the Balckmagic one does has better features, but it lacked the HDMI HDCP handshake I was looking for, so I went with the cheaper alternative.

divideby02978d ago

KUDOS for the excellent write up.....appreciate it

xAlmostPro2978d ago

i use a hauppage HD pvr :) cost me like £150 but the quality is really good.. captures upto 1080i and also upto 60fps..

and can take a little bit of strain from your PC since its, its own unit which is good, and if your looking to render/edit the clips aswell its format can be placed straight into sony vegas/after effects..

the only thing is that you NEED to run it through a HD component cable which costs like £7 but the quality is still great & you can also leave your hdmi in at the same time, incase youre playing games like heavy rain/gow3 and want to play 1080p..

also it only takes like 5-10minutes to set up xD i love it, the others seemed good but being internal PC capture cards, used more cpu and of course the time & effort of opening your p and installing it which i was to lazy to do lol

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HelghastKid2978d ago

Agreed, the PS3 has had the youtube auto uploading feature for awhile now but developers rarely ever use it :/

GodsHand2978d ago

Some games do, but the quality is not the same as the video when your playing, I did one of mushroom wars with the built in recorder, but I would rather use my PC for the higher quality video capture.

writersblock2978d ago

Would a graphics card with an input area work?

Chucky20032978d ago

this article is just an advertisement

ELite_Ghost2978d ago

im guessing this doesn't work on laptops? :(
Or all in one pcs :(, wow i'm really out of luck XD

GodsHand2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

You would need an extrernal capture device such as the Hauppage DVR.

Also FYI, if you are going to split the signal using a splitter, I sugest using a powered splitter box, or you will lose a lot of the color/clean quality if you dont.

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