New Dead Space 2 death scene is suitably brutal and messy

Dead Space 2 will give us a whole bunch of new, gory death scenes to enjoy. And, from what's been shown so far, they look to be suitably gruesome. Just take a look at this new trailer. It shows Isaac going up against a spindly-legged, bloated-bellied Necromorph and it doesn't end well:

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NYC_Gamer3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

this is one game where players dont actually mind dying because of the many insane ways its done

Ven10003015d ago

and I could guess what was gonna happen, I think God of War 3's first person death scene has raised the bar and definitely will probably be the "Best Death Scene" of 2010.

Christopher3015d ago

I actually didn't care for those. Loved the game, but the first person death scenes were kind of weird and made the hands of Kratos look really weird, like his fingers suddenly got much longer.

AllroundGamer3015d ago

lol the puking death brings "two girls one cup" to my mind :D

RuneZ3015d ago

when watching it i was thinking "you can always trust games like deadspace for gruesome and spectacular deaths" it also reminded me of other games where i got myself killed to see the deaths even if it meant i dont get a much needed check point
and then it cuts out the end.. i was hoping to see the impalement :(

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