Gamescom 2010: The Top 5 Best Games Of The Show


5. Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Without a doubt. The game just seems to look better and better every time Capcom show new footage of it. The character models are satisfyingly chunky, the graphics are razor sharp and the gameplay is said to be similar to Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, which means it will be awesome. I was a massive fan of the second game and after a long ten year wait Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is nearing release. March can't come soon enough, but seriously Capcom, where is Ken? Get it sorted!

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The Meerkat3011d ago

No GT5?

I just can't get excited about fighting games these days.
I would put GT5 at number 3 and push MvC out of the top 5.

klapkip3011d ago

I was there yesterday and played a lot of games. GT5 absolute on top of everything, what about Killzone 3 or Need for Speed Hot Pursuit ?
Just a story on personal choice.

BeaArthur3011d ago

You do realize that not every person walking this planet has the same opinions and likes the same things you do right? And of course it's a story on personal choice. If they don't like racing games, or not enough of them like racing games they obviously wouldn't put a racing game in the top 5.

hellraiserpop3011d ago

No shit, sherlock. It's called "opinion piece" for a reason.

jessupj3011d ago

It's a pity we don't get more "professional opinions" these days and less personal fanboy opinions.

JOLLY13011d ago

What the crap is a "professional opinion"? Either way, it is an.....opinion!

Greek God3011d ago

Gt5 won 2010
Uncharted 2 2009
Little big planet 2008

jimmins3011d ago

Agree, because it's actually labeled as an opinion piece. ;)

frankymv3011d ago


Killzone 3 blows every title on that list away.

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