Spector Questions Deus Ex Decision

NowGamer: Warren Spector, designer of the original Deus Ex, has questioned the need for a feature in upcoming threequel Deus Ex: Human Revolution...

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NYC_Gamer3039d ago

deep inside he feels they will ruin this game

skyward3039d ago

But he doesn't sound overly impressed does he?

Bloodyghost3039d ago

In an interview with Montreal lead, they asked him if Warren has seen the game live and they said no. They said they have EVERYONE from the first game lending a hand except him.

Must buy for me.

TEFL0N_D0N_813039d ago

What a waste of an article. Hell he could have done that on twitter.

Warren, if you feel we deserve a better relaunch of Deus Ex, you should have jumped on that shit yourself. And your 2nd Deus Ex (Invisible War) game sucked. Long live Deus Ex!

Panthers3039d ago

I havent seen much of this game, but what I have seen was very impressive. It was probably my biggest surprise of E3 (besides Twisted Metal of course)

RememberThe3573039d ago

I never played a Deus Ex game before, but I have really liked what I have read about it.

DelbertGrady3039d ago

Is he not part of it? *hype dies a little*

Nihilism3039d ago

A game is made up of a team of creative thinkers not 1 person...

The creative director and producer, of Dead Space isn't on the team for the second game....but it still looks to outdo the first.

Syaz13039d ago

he disagreed with the design choice, nothing wrong there. i think having a 3rd person camera could improve certain things like melee combat, looks more satisfying than performing melee moves in 1st person.

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