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Incredible new InFamous 2 gameplay

Clearly the folks at Sucker Punch are taking pointers from Naughty Dog, because InFamous 2 looks amazing in action. InFamous 2 is slated for a Spring launch in 2011 exclusively on the PS3. (inFamous 2, PS3)

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jesuisankit  +   1747d ago
I am offically sold.. Yet again.!!! :D

Infamous 2 again the most anticipated game for 2011 for me.
number47  +   1747d ago
and its sandbox.

blitz0623  +   1747d ago
It looks more of the same from the first one except there are new melee attacks. I want to see some Ice power gameplay
CrippleH  +   1746d ago
Well they can't really show too much this soon really. It's still in development. We'll see more as the game is near release and it will be beautiful.
mercsfan  +   1746d ago
it looks the same and brings nothing new to the table...

except that destruction
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redsquad  +   1746d ago
@1.1.1 and 1.1.3
Same central concept, new locations, new story and new powers/weapons...
Isn't that what sequals are supposed to do?
meetajhu  +   1747d ago
That was.....
talltony  +   1747d ago
Was that! Why are these games so crazy now. Everything just keeps getting better and better!
Daver  +   1747d ago
yep my most anticipated game of 2011 too
boodybandit  +   1747d ago
This game is absolutely insane
The level of depth, diversity and immersion they added to this sequel is staggering. This has to be one of the most improved games this generation and the first one was one of my favorite this gen. This game is going to boggle the mind.
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badz149  +   1747d ago
that is so AWESOME
how many hit was it to kill that "thing"? imagine fughting more than 1 of them at the same time....WOW that will be epic! admittedly, the 1st game had so many cheap moments from the enemies. they were all sharp shooters which can hit you with an AK-47 from like 1/2 a mile away. even when you're air glding, they still can hit you no problem, which irritates me sometimes. this battle with the beast will be more "believable" if you know what I mean. TOTALLY DAY 1 BUY!
Ravage27  +   1746d ago
i really like the colour tone they are using for inFamous2 :)

Sucker Punch ftw!
SaberEdge  +   1746d ago
Infamous 2 looks a lot better than the first one. I am impressed, Sucker Punch.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1747d ago
When can I pre order
NecrumSlavery  +   1747d ago
I know. This game looks amazing.
jay2  +   1747d ago
Amaazon.co.uk/com have it listed for pre-order. Game shops as well.
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TANUKI  +   1747d ago
I preordered from EBGames about a month ago. Was amazed they were already accepting orders.
supremacy  +   1747d ago
As long..
as they keep this old looking cole around i'm in.

of topic i just wish the new twisted metal looked more like twisted metal black with you know killzone 3 graphics.

but back to this yeah i'm definitely getting this still play the first game.
Panthers  +   1747d ago
Does his looks really matter that much? I mean the gameplay is still going to be golden whether he looks like old or new Cole. I never understood people b*tching about stuff like that.
ChronoJoe  +   1747d ago
Pretty sure this is old. I mean I saw it two days ago now, presumably on N4G.

Eh, anyways. Very cool. The animations on that big enemy at the end look fantastic.
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e-p-ayeaH  +   1747d ago
Sony always delivers the goods every year wonderfull
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mirroredderorrim  +   1747d ago
My response....

Day 1.
Sunny_D  +   1746d ago
LOL! What happened to Keeanu Reeves? He's so serious now in his roles today!
CaJuaLFeatPuFF  +   1747d ago
oh my goodness
ActionBastard  +   1747d ago
Picking up cars and tossing them...just phat. The "Corrupted" looked pretty creepy and the destructible environment elements really added to what looked to be some hectic battles. SOLD...again.
jay2  +   1747d ago
My brother played InFamous (1) today.
As for InFamous 2, Pre-orded it.
BannedForNineYears  +   1747d ago
1:48 spoilers!!!!! OMG! D:

Hopefully the iron out those bugs too.
There was the part where the camera was spazzing out in that cutscenes. And then when he threw the car for the first time, it launched him along with it. :P
Not sure if that was intentional, but looked like a glitch.
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Tony-A  +   1747d ago
Yeah, it was a glitch.....

Probably the coolest-looking glitch I've ever seen, tho. haha
jukins  +   1747d ago
damn damn cant wait but does this look a lot faster than the first one or is it just me? has been awhile since i've played the first
Ivan Drago IV  +   1747d ago
Please have multiplayer! And yes a game like this could have good multiplayer versus modes, everyone said Uncharted didn't need multiplayer and when they included it everyone loved it and the game has 40,000 plus people playing online at all times.
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unknownhero1123  +   1747d ago
no mutiplayer!
I want SP to focus all of thier attention on single player. we really don't need mutiplayer in this game.
strotee  +   1747d ago
Looks fantastic.

Where's the HUD? Must be a way to pull up the map to see where you're at, right?
cfountain  +   1746d ago
its just like that for the demo. there are other vids that show inFamous 2 gameplay with a HUD.

but i agree, it does look fantastic. cant wait for this.
blakstarz  +   1747d ago
Sweet Jeezus!!! 0_o That looks increbible!!

@ Supremacy - "As long..
"oof topic i just wish the new twisted metal looked more like twisted metal black with you know killzone 3 graphics"

Jaffe already addressed the criticism about the graphic and said the screenshots and gameplay where from an extremely old and early build of the game and the display was just more so for the announcement of the game and promises that its gonna knock peoples sock's off graphically....so I wouldn't worry....Twisted metal is in good hands and is gonna look F'ing incredible I'm sure.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1747d ago
"it's kind of hard to control but when you actually land a car on an enemy you can do a ton of damage"

I hope it's not that hard otherwise what's the use in trying?
danmachine  +   1747d ago
nice rule you have there, i wouldnt tell your kids/future kids that.

"if its hard don't try.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1746d ago
huh? If trying to throw a car in the game is such a pain in the ass you can only rarely do it what the fuck is the use? Just use your powers. Wow some people are totally idiotic. Of course i get 3 disagrees from Sony hardcores for bringing up a legitimate question/concern instead of just "oooohhhhing and ahhhhing" over this video.

Here let me rephrase

Ahem...OH MY GOD! That was INSANE!!! Did you see all that action!? That's like open world UC2 with powers!! ONLY on PS3, it does EVERYTHING!!

that's worth, what 12 agrees right?
ace660  +   1747d ago
Infamous 2 is looking really good. Is that a XBR it's being demoed on?
C L O U D  +   1747d ago
Looks like such an improvement from the first
INehalemEXI  +   1747d ago
I like those explosions
badkolo  +   1747d ago
that looks amazing, i dont care what build that is, its amazing
TANUKI  +   1747d ago
O_o whoa!!!
GeoramA  +   1747d ago
STICKzophrenic  +   1747d ago
inFamous is an amazing game, and this looks awesome as well.

Cole looked to move REALLY fast as well. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not, though.
Hoje0308  +   1747d ago
You guys remember when people would talk shit about Uncharted and Killzone? "Buh,buh, lets see the PS3 do those graphics in an open world". Well, here you go motherfu*kers!!
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Zinc  +   1747d ago
It looks pretty impressive visually and it looks like it would be fun to play.
Calvin_D   1746d ago | Spam
totallysane  +   1746d ago
definitely day one pick up for me...
Chapulin  +   1746d ago
I loved the first one. This one is gonna be even better.
djtek184  +   1746d ago
so many exclusives comming up, we are so spoiled
Alcohog  +   1746d ago
I guess when you said "new" you meant "old".
cfountain  +   1746d ago

cant wait for this.
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