Incredible new InFamous 2 gameplay

Clearly the folks at Sucker Punch are taking pointers from Naughty Dog, because InFamous 2 looks amazing in action. InFamous 2 is slated for a Spring launch in 2011 exclusively on the PS3.

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jesuisankit2111d ago

I am offically sold.. Yet again.!!! :D

Infamous 2 again the most anticipated game for 2011 for me.

number472110d ago

and its sandbox.


blitz06232110d ago

It looks more of the same from the first one except there are new melee attacks. I want to see some Ice power gameplay

CrippleH2110d ago

Well they can't really show too much this soon really. It's still in development. We'll see more as the game is near release and it will be beautiful.

mercsfan2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

it looks the same and brings nothing new to the table...

except that destruction

redsquad2110d ago

Same central concept, new locations, new story and new powers/weapons...
Isn't that what sequals are supposed to do?

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talltony2110d ago

Was that! Why are these games so crazy now. Everything just keeps getting better and better!

Daver2110d ago

yep my most anticipated game of 2011 too

boodybandit2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

The level of depth, diversity and immersion they added to this sequel is staggering. This has to be one of the most improved games this generation and the first one was one of my favorite this gen. This game is going to boggle the mind.

badz1492110d ago

how many hit was it to kill that "thing"? imagine fughting more than 1 of them at the same time....WOW that will be epic! admittedly, the 1st game had so many cheap moments from the enemies. they were all sharp shooters which can hit you with an AK-47 from like 1/2 a mile away. even when you're air glding, they still can hit you no problem, which irritates me sometimes. this battle with the beast will be more "believable" if you know what I mean. TOTALLY DAY 1 BUY!

Ravage272110d ago

i really like the colour tone they are using for inFamous2 :)

Sucker Punch ftw!

SaberEdge2110d ago

Infamous 2 looks a lot better than the first one. I am impressed, Sucker Punch.

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NecrumSlavery2111d ago

I know. This game looks amazing.

jay22110d ago (Edited 2110d ago ) have it listed for pre-order. Game shops as well.

TANUKI2110d ago

I preordered from EBGames about a month ago. Was amazed they were already accepting orders.

supremacy2111d ago

as they keep this old looking cole around i'm in.

of topic i just wish the new twisted metal looked more like twisted metal black with you know killzone 3 graphics.

but back to this yeah i'm definitely getting this still play the first game.

Panthers2110d ago

Does his looks really matter that much? I mean the gameplay is still going to be golden whether he looks like old or new Cole. I never understood people b*tching about stuff like that.

ChronoJoe2111d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Pretty sure this is old. I mean I saw it two days ago now, presumably on N4G.

Eh, anyways. Very cool. The animations on that big enemy at the end look fantastic.

e-p-ayeaH2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Sony always delivers the goods every year wonderfull

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The story is too old to be commented.