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3D Halo Reach Demo Excites Gamers, Bungie Backtracks

The Internets lit up like a Christmas tree yesterday after news of a 3D demo of Halo: Reach being shown at the European Gamescom show was being passed around. But Bungie later clarified it had nothing to do with the 3D tech.

When conventioneers saw a 3D video of Halo Reach being played on a giant screen at Gamescom, it wasn't long before bloggers and news websites started posting about it. The images spread like wildfire and the rumor mills began cranking as gamers posited about the implications of a 3D version of the classic Xbox 360 shooter franchise... (Halo: Reach, Xbox 360)

bequietjohnnie  +   1742d ago
Lame, I like how people shrug off 3D on the ps3 but when they thought that Halo would be in 3D they got excited. How retarded
yewles1  +   1742d ago
gamer2010  +   1742d ago
I never got excited. Even if they made Halo Reach in 3D I wouldn't care. I don't plan on buying a 3D TV anytime in the next few years so the 3D feature would be worthless to me.
MicroSony4Life  +   1742d ago
Thats the power of Halo
you can put the word Halo on poop an it will sell over a million the 1st week.
DaBadGuy  +   1742d ago
I think 3D altogether is a waste. Regardless of console. I'm not springing for another TV plus the glasses, and endless 3D has to screw up your eyes anyway. It would be interesting to see a DEMO of Halo or Killzone or whatever in 3D for a few minutes, but do I want to play the campaign + multiplayer in endless 3D, nah. Not unless I wake up tomorrow and shit out a 3DTV and a pair of glasses, for keeps.
blumatt  +   1742d ago
I'm sorry but your comment made me think of Bruce Almighty where the Mexican guy shits out a monkey. "Did that monkey just come out my crack, man?" hahahaha lmao
Anyway, yeah it's interesting that people say 3D is a waste until it comes to the 360 and then it's innovation and wonderful. haha Yay for double standards.
Tres21  +   1742d ago
yea sides the price of those things its them dang glasses i wear regular glasses, so really i gotta put in my contacts just 2 put on those glasses...naw im good unless the Dabadguy ishes me out a free tv & glasses 2 then im on the bandwagon.lol
shadow2797  +   1742d ago
So, essentially, you don't want to shell out the money for it, therefore, no one should be able to enjoy it? I'm basing this off your "3D is a waste" statement.

I understand not wanting to buy a new 3DTV and all the accessories (I just bought a regular HDTV myself last year, so I'll be waiting also). What I don't understand are the people against 3D itself. It's an option, not a requirement. So why deprive those who already have a 3DTV or are going to buy one soon?

Dev time? Because that's really the only valid reason I've seen.
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EvilBlackCat  +   1742d ago
"I like how people shrug off 3D on the ps3 but when they thought that Halo would be in 3D they got excited. How retarded"

HALO Reach on 3D? GREAT!!!

Glasses? HELL NO!

NOT getting a 3dTV yet.
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KILLERAPP  +   1742d ago
Krugsy  +   1742d ago
I think Halo: Reach would have been great in 3D. It looks like a relatively bright game, and light colored visuals work a lot better in 3D than dark visuals do. Just look how bad the Last Airbender 3D was, you could barely make out anything.
webeblazing  +   1742d ago
naw that move just sucked
milohighclub  +   1742d ago
bright visuals = shit loads of crosstalk/ghosting people are so dumb it said on the original artical it was a 2d-3d conversion i even commented saying so but ppl just ignored it...
Krugsy  +   1742d ago
well if it had dark visuals and was 3D it would be pointless because the 3D wouldn't even be seen. And honestly, most things are converted from 2D to 3D, so thats a mute point.
JoeReno  +   1742d ago
I hate to but in but
I disagree with above. 3D movies that are shot in 2D and then converted into 3D suck. Its not even worth it. Alice in wonderland is a perfect showcase for your mute point.

Hell bring back the old days when you had to adjust the color saturation all the way up to even trick your eyes that you are seeing 3D effects
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shadow2797  +   1742d ago
It's a moot point. MOOT.


Anyway, if what you're saying about dark visuals is true, it should be interesting to see how Killzone 3's darker levels look in 3D. Because, other than the snow levels we've seen, that's clearly going to be a very dark game.

But if I was guessing, I would say you wouldn't have the same issues with stereoscopic 3D, due to the backlight in the LCD display. Movie 3D is completely different technology than what we're seeing on the consumer level.
divideby0  +   1742d ago
"Microsoft has been clear on its stand that it sees absolutely no value in steroscopic 3D gaming at this point. However, it has said the Xbox 360 is capable of producing content if developers want to."

clear but however.... MS knows like most gamers, 3D will be mainstream, akin to BR... MS missed the boat with a next gen drive with their failure of HDDVD...they dont wanna miss 3d, hence their waffle stance

but HOW can the 360 do 3D, linky ne1
Apollyn  +   1742d ago
It can't do stero 3d I beloved it can do the 3d that requires those paper glasses though

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