130° to offer Commodore PC's ahead of competition has announced an exclusive agreement with Commodore Gaming, allowing it to offer the upcoming Commodore G a month ahead of any other retailer.

The online retailer's customers can pick up the new computer for £999.99 as of today. Stuart Rowe, spokesperson for said: "This product exclusive is indicative of our continued growth and presence in the games market."

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solidt124061d ago

looks like a pretty good gaming PC.

SuperSaiyan44061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Thats what I say, always works out better to build your own rig. Unless they put all the top parts to build to order like OCZ ram, Abit motherboard etc.

But personally I like to be able to go out and upgrade my system when I want without effecting the warranty and with ac actual operating system disc.


I just saw the spec:

The rig contains an 320Mb nVidia graphics card, 2Gb memory, an Intel QuadCore processor and a 500Gb hard drive. The system also features a new ICE Cube cooling system to ensure optimum efficiency, also exclusive to Commodore Gaming.

Is it me or is that spec a bit stupid for a £1000 system?

So you got 2GB or ram alongside a 320mb graphics card ok thats cool, but then you have a QUAD Core CPU...

Looks like they put in the latest greatest CPU then cut back on the graphics card and ram because it isnt a sensible spec.

What it SHOULD have to be able to play ANY game and blow other PC's away is:

Dual Core CPU
8800Ultra 768mb
3GB Ram

Quad core isnt required I have a Dual core and cant see any difference in my games or anything.

The Quad Core CPU is like £600+ isnt it??

tplarkin74061d ago

The start screen for GTA Vice City was an imitation of the Commodore 64 boot-up screen? Also, the C64 sold for just $200 U.S. in the 80s.

The new gaming PC looks good, though.