Exclusive John Romero Interview - Part Two

NowGamer speaks to id's John Romero about his past, the games he is working on now, and what the future holds for id.

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jimmins3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Has so much great content like this. They have access to pretty much everyone in the entire industry, past and present. It's just a shame that the only content of theirs that makes it high on N4G are the opinion pieces and top tens.

There's a real treasure trove of stuff like this on the site, from just about every important figure in the industry. Great read.

fastrez3009d ago

Is a legend, industry needs more people like him.

wicko3009d ago

The industry needs more people like John Carmack, he is one smart motherfucker.

wicko3009d ago

This guy doesn't work for id anymore so how exactly is he going to tell anyone what the future holds for id? You should rewrite your article summary.

Nihilism3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

He has to make such claims to remain relevant. He hasn't made a game in years, isn't he THE guy responsible for the design of doom, aka the actual inventor of the FPS genre...guy could have done happened :S

Or maybe like now he was just clinging onto j.c's ideas and fame...

N4g_null3009d ago

It's funny to see years later design teams acting just like him behind closed doors of course.

The sad thing is I'd just can't make a quake or doom better than this guy. Which is why halo or some other game is loved. I'd dropped the sure this guy can be a dick but arn't we all like that in the industry.